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03.22.22 21:15 UTC Special News Update: Is the Russian Embassy in Poland Burning Documents?

The following series of Tweets from this account, @ignis_fatu , are indicative of a future action which may cause further retaliation against the Putin government by Poland and other NATO nations:

Keep in mind, the original Tweet is speculative, but inside of Ukraine, that was the procedure before the invasion began. If indeed Russia is getting ready to expand the conflict with Belarus, look for Chinese investors to begin hoarding more gold and oil in the overnight session in Asia.

If the nation of Belarus is about to jump into the fray with Russian forces staged south of Brest, it only means they are preparing to cut off the Western supply lines and put NATO forces nose to nose with Russian forces and the risk of accidental or incidental contact, with or without combat, is a possibility.

Stay tuned.

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