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03.22.22 Russia-Ukraine War Update: No Peace in Our Time

The utter nonsense being espoused by the United States’ elites, the political leadership, and European Union has gone from a militaristic threat to Russia using economic warfare to a propaganda insanity which does nothing but to isolate and infuriate the very Russia people “they” were counting on to overthrow the Putin regime.

The American people, as well as many in Europe, are conditioned to accept the limited warfare of American drones zapping tribal warriors in third world nations. This is a civilized military attacking another civilized nation with a decent military and massive casualties on both sides being inflicted on a daily basis.

Yet the snowflake community continues to think that this war is going to be resolved by one giant hashtag.

Tonight, as I type this article, Fox News desperate to promote US military involvement in the war with the chicken hawk brigade, is once again promoting the idea that the Russian government will fail because the “oligarchs” are under such stress financially that they will endorse overthrowing Putin to achieve a lasting peace.

Apparently they do not understand Vladimir Putin, the war, or Soviet ideology, much less Russian nationalism. The people who think that an American Hollywood inspired propaganda campaign will change a dictator’s hardened position to protect what he perceives as his nation under assault from the West are in for a rude awakening.

Just like the world in 1938.

On to the updates…..


09:00 UPDATE:

With all the hyperbole, propaganda, and nonsense being posted about Russian “losses” I find it interesting very little is published about Ukrainian military losses. Regardless, Clint Ehrlich has posted a sane assessment of the story being hyped by Western media yesterday which is closer to the truth than most will ever admit:

Remember that plus all the statements being made by Biden as the day moves forward. It is a relatively quiet time this morning with lots of artillery exchanges and very little forward movement other than the consolidation in Mariupol.


It’s only going to get worse.

American volunteers now confirmed to be in action inside of Ukraine; they had best hope they are not captured as payback will be brutal:

This isn’t Iraq or the ‘Stan. I hope they are ready for the consequences, seriously.

Mariupol continues to be obliterated:

RuAF still up and at it over the Donbas:

Chechen troops in action in and around Mariupol (via Russian media):

I guess the Russian Army has still yet to figure out how to protect engineering units:

Fyi, Mike, it’s easy; it’s a demo for the West:

I’m pretty sure a new, improved version is on the verge of deployment.

Uhhhh, ummmm:

Pot? Kettle? Black? Perhaps:

Remember Zamarai Ahmadi and Today’s Propaganda

Just sayin’ as I have no horse in this war, and do not support any side, especially my own government’s who is lying to the American people on an hourly basis.

A great question by Roggio:

Give it time Bill, our inept leadership will start World War III, watch and see.

No shortage of propaganda, by either side…

More in the early morning as developments warrant….

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