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03.30.22 09:00 UTC Russia-Ukraine War Update: China Throws a Wrench into Peace Proposal

The world’s markets rallied once again on fake news that the “peace” overtures by the Russians and Ukrainians meant that this war is almost over.


Check this Tweet out and get back to me on that:

Grateful. Hopeful. Stupid.

The Russians will view this, along with all of the other arrogance as similar to that of the Germans in 1942 right up until their defeat in Stalingrad.

And then there was no mercy.

Vladimir Putin is not the warm and fuzzy type if anyone has not noticed. The “withdrawal” from the Kiev Oblast is not a surrender no matter what the pro-Ukrainian websites and forces might state. In fact if anything, it should scare the crap out of them. More on that tomorrow as there is a logical reason to the strategic re-positioning of Russian forces now.

In the mean time, here’s what’s happening up to 0100 UTC tonight of consequence and as always, I shall provide updates via my Telegram channel as time permits.


As we all wake up this morning, China verifies what most of us suspected yesterday:

That news is not shocking and easily predictable as the “see sanctions work” idiots crowed all day yesterday as the talks in Turkey concluded. In fact it is becoming quite apparent that Senile Joe is going to be left out of the conversation as the Chinese are enhancing relations with Russia, not acting as a neutral party:

Russia and China to advance ‘fair world order’ – Moscow

The Russian missiles keep getting launched on Ukrainian targets today:

The war in southern Ukraine appears to be intensifying as planned by Russia:

The Russians are finally figuring out how to shoot down the pesky Turkish drones, although this is only the second confirmed aerial kill:

And another Ukrainian fuel depot goes up in flames. The revised Russian strategy is becoming more apparent:

I shall post more later on today and as usual via my Telegram channel as news warrants.


Note something the Ukies wanted captured…

This will make a difference in about 3 months.

Meanwhile in Mariupol, the “let’s use up our ammo for the internet” videos continue:

I’ve done some similar things on a friend’s farm in Arcadia. So yeah, wasting ammo is fun.

In the mean time, civilians are still trying to escape from Mariupol tonight:

I do not like this guy, but he makes some great points, thus worth reading the thread:

It would appear the initial reports of more reserve units being called up is true:

To think the Russians won’t learn and adapt is foolish….

More in the morning folks….

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