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04.01.22 Russia-Ukraine War: The Fog of Fog

When this war started over a month ago, many of the bloggers, writers, and “experts” were under the impression that the Russian military had restructured itself to a point where the new integration of its command and control structures would lead to a rapid offense and victory.

Boy oh boy, was everyone, including this author wrong.

In many places the Ukrainians offered a strong organized defense which halted the Russian offensive. In other regions, the Ukrainians were overwhelmed by the efficiency of some modernized Russian units using the BTG concept with great effect. Thus far though one thing can be determined:

The fog of war has just become a fog of fog.

Both sides are making outsized and exaggerated claims. The United States has decided under Senile Joe’s leadership to fight until the last Ukrainian. The US, European Union, and some Asian nations are following through with a sanctions regime of stealing anything the Russians owned overseas. And now even Samsung is getting rid of the letter Z in more absurdity to prove a point of their support for Ukrainian troops getting mauled.

Our world has gone insane and today’s headlines from the UK Daily Mail only add to this insanity:

Zelensky fires two top Ukrainian security officials, branding them traitors who failed to defend the country in rare example of dissent among ranks in Kyiv 

Maybe it would not be so rare if the Western media actually reported the facts instead of regurgitating Kiev’s propaganda verbatim.

Russians are driven out of Chernobyl: ‘Retreating’ Kremlin hands control of nuclear plant back to Ukraine after ‘soldiers received heavy doses of radiation digging trenches’

Or perhaps they withdrew and some Russian soldiers ventured off their assignments to areas they were not supposed to be in. But facts no longer matter.

Britain will supply ‘kamikaze’ attack drones to Ukraine to fight off Russia as West plans to increase support for country’s ‘long-term’ security including armoured vehicles and heavy artillery

That sounds to me like a NATO nation is getting ready to increase the odds of a major world war by upping the ante.

Britain tells Ukraine not to back down from ‘bully’ Putin amid fears US, France and Germany may urge Zelensky to accept early peace deal – as Russian forces withdraw from key airfield they would have needed to seize Kyiv

Good old Boris Johnson is just like Biden, willing to tell the Ukies to fight to the last man, woman, and child. Another NATO proxy war just like all the other ones the globalists engaged in throughout Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Kremlin accuses Ukrainian helicopters of attacking oil facility INSIDE Russia: Video ‘shows rockets blowing up storage depot’ a week after the West warned Putin is planning false flag attack on his own cities to justify escalating war

Now look at the headline before this one. Then read this story again. It doesn’t sound to me like Putin needs an actual attack by the Ukrainians into Russia to “justify” escalating the war. NATO and the leaders in the West are doing all that on their own.

The same type of stories appear in the papers of the yellow journalists of the United States also. Everyone is willing to whip up a war fervor and the elites are more than happy to blame inflation, energy shortages, high taxes, Covid variant BS19.02.02LGBTQIAx2, psoriasis, dandruff, and the dog pooping on the rug on Russia. Yet these same leaders will not sacrifice their soldiers, their capital, and their political juntas to defend the Ukrainians, which begs the question:

IF this war is so bad, and is such a threat to the modern international order, why are they not invoking the 1939 mantra that they must do everything possible to stop a madman, including an actual declaration of war?

I’ll just leave that thought there as the leaders of the West blunder into World War III. More updates as time permits today via my Telegram channel as usual.

04.01.22 09:00 UTC UPDATE:

The Belgorod oil storage facility attacked by the UkAF overnight is still on fire:

CCTV video of the attack shows that having decent night vision equipment and training does pay off:

A better video of the attack:

Someone in charge of the Russian air defense units in that region is about to get an all expense paid vacation to the uranium mines in Siberia.

The world has become one giant clown show:

Like I said, clown show:

Do not try this at home:

Interesting tweet below, which illustrates that the Russian Ministry of Defense has been stealing the Pentagon’s methodology for supplying maps to their soldiers (in other words, their bureaucracy is as bad as ours):

A very well thought out tweet via a pro-Russian source:

This falls in line with the thinking that the Western political elites want to take credit for every Ukrainian success and point out this mythical view of incompetence at the Kremlin. Neither viewpoint is accurate, just parts of the propaganda have a tinge of facts attached to them.

More examples of the humanitarian side of the Ukrainian military our government supports:

Perhaps, just perhaps, some Russian generals have been fired and some competent military strategy will now appear:

If this validates, which I am sure it will, maybe the idea of using small units to attack heavily fortified positions behind enemy lines will stop and the overwhelming air power Russia has yet to use will begin to be engaged in integrated attacks with ground forces.

The updated map from the French Ministry of Defense highlights the shift in strategy by the Kremlin:

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, Russia is continuing to play chess while President Drool Chin is worried about 0.03% of the under 17 year old American population crossdressing:

More later on this evening including a serious question for everyone to ponder:

If everyone is lying, who do we believe?

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