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04.09-04.10 Russia-Ukraine War Updates: 12:00 UTC – Russian Reinforcements Pouring In

04.10.22 20:00 UTC:

At least now there are some facts about what was destroyed in Dnipro:

Ukraine’s Dnipro airport ‘destroyed’ by Russian shelling

Mykolayiv is under the gun also:

More war footage:

04.10.22 12:00 UTC:

The Russian Army is on the move and this looks like a major push to close the salient is about to begin:

Meanwhile, a future target for the Russians is getting hit almost nightly now:

And the Southern Command region is reinforcing also:

Word is reaching the Russian grunt about prisoners being abused. This means that there will be fewer prisoner exchanges as the Russians will execute the Ukrainian soldiers also:

This war is about to go to some very dark places the world has not seen since the 1940’s.

On the daily Institute for the Study of War map, I’ve added a circle and drawn the arrows to indicate where the Russians will try to close the salient:

If the Russians can successfully close that salient in the next several weeks, 30% plus of the Ukrainian military will be trapped then destroyed. That will leave the road open to Zaporizhia and Dnipro and allow the Russians to declare victory in the east of Ukraine.


It looks like Odessa is about to get hot up again:

It would also appear that the first of the troops from the Kyiv or Sumy Oblasts are now moving into the Kharkiv Oblast:

And another:

The Sea of Azov is becoming a busy place again:

War crimes on both sides continue unabated. The war could be really primed for a really dark turn soon.

Some days one has to wonder what the Russian military is thinking.

More in the morning, it would appear things are building up to a crescendo.

The weekend starts with a new overall commander for the Russian forces of the Southern Military District, but very little information if this experienced general will oversee the entire operation. From iNews in the UK:

Russia reorganises command of invasion and ramps up air strikes in south and east

Russia has reorganised command of its invasion of Ukraine after a series of military failures, in a bid to improve the leadership of the operation.

General Alexander Dvornikov, formerly commander of Russia’s southern military district, is now leading the invasion, a western official told the BBC on condition of anonymity.

Gen Dvornikov “has a lot of experience of operations of Russian operations in Syria” leading western officials to “expect the overall command and control to improve”, the official said.

His appointment comes amid an attempt to improve coordination between different Russian military units, with different groups of fighters previously commanded in different ways, according the official.

Russia has repeatedly failed to make the progress it anticipated in Ukraine, thought to be in part due to poor preparation and “puzzling” tactics.

“Unless Russia is able to change its tactics, it’s very difficult to see how they succeed in even these limited objectives that they’ve reset themselves,” the official said.

If that holds true, look for some other generals to be ejected out of the theater and a much stronger operational discipline to be imposed on the units as the ability to post Tik-Tok videos before engaging Ukrainian forces. Let’s see if this makes a difference in about 3 weeks.

Meanwhile in the Donetsk People’s Republic, Ukrainian forces are still attacking Russian positions and towns:

In other news, a ramping up of the harsh feelings between the West and Russia is becoming apparent (via RT):

Russia-US ‘military confrontation’ possible – Moscow

Nothing like some weekend war mongering, right?

In other news, if the Pentagon is to be believed, Russia is mobilizing more reservists:

I have the feeling the number is more than 100,000 as there seems to be a lot of activity in the Far East. Suddenly videos and tweets from that region have vanished as the Russian government figured out that during the war all of those supply chain videos probably should not be posted.

Weapons are changing hands like crack at Hunter’s condo:

And in an indication Mariupol is getting closer to falling, this video may confirm that the Ukrainian forces remaining after the evacuation today may well be crushed soon:

Needless to say, this kind of shelling will not give the Ukrainians much respite:

More later on today as time permits.

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