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04.11.22 Russia-Ukraine War: Don’t Complain About Your Monday (Must See Video)

None of us can complain about our Monday.


I’m still recovering from the China Virus, BFD. Some people are paying $7.25 for a gallon of gas. Big whoopy doo. Other people are whining because their computer kicked them off the video game and they lost their ranking.

First world problems do not compare.

This Ukrainian unit had a bad day. Probably because they forgot the very basics of OPSEC and paying attention to what and when an enemy vehicle is approaching. Unfortunately for them, they will not get to repeat that mistake as it was a Russian tank which fired at them less than 20 meters away:

And here is the aftermath of that attack, clearing the air if these were “Russian” troops or not. Definitely Ukrainian forces, by the way:

Warning, it’s pretty graphic:

More updates to follow through the evening and early morning and also via my Telegram channel.

04.11.22 21:00 UTC UPDATE:

And for today’s propaganda nonsense to indicate that Mariupol is soon going to fall, I present to my readers actual Nazis promoting a story which would make zero sense militarily or tactically for the Russians engaged in house to house fighting there:

By the time the Biden Junta and CNNisFakeNews is done with this story, it will be reported that the evil Ruskies dropped a 10 mT nuke on Mariupol.

In the Donbass, preparations are being made once the weather breaks for something big:

The buildup will require massive reinforcements and some new BTGs or total restructuring of some existing ones if this confirms:

The amount of destruction in Mariupol is mind boggling:

And more reinforcements are moving forward in Russia:

Why the dude in the car sat there as the shells rained down around him at first is beyond me:

For some reason, this would not shock me knowing our CIA/DIA corruption:

Meanwhile, was what is left of the Ukrainian military runs around Mariupol:

That’s going to leave some skid marks. More later on with a new thread!

04.11.22 12:00 UTC UPDATE:

Mariupol sounds like it is fading fast for the Ukrainians:

And more evidence Mariupol is almost over as an area of heavy fighting:

The Russians are still not implementing the concept of overwhelming force to attack achievable goals. Weird how they keep getting kicked back and not learning their lesson:

Heavy shelling overnight around the Kharkiv Oblast:

And more evidence reinforcements are staging along the Russia border preparing for the next phase of the offensive:

Marinka still being shelled by Russian forces. This appears to be more of a softening up rather than full blown preparation for a ground attack there.

CGTN‘s coverage continues with embeds inside the Russian military:

RuAF still active:

More to come throughout the day, although this week could be rather quiet with the new Russian general laying out his plans and of course, logistics, logistics, logistics.

This is not going to be a good time to unload NATO supplied arms in western Ukraine:

Apparently NATO has made new friends in Serbia (not):

Remember, follow me on Telegram for other updates and videos.

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