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04.12.22 Russia-Ukraine War Update: COSSACKGUNDI ‘s Ukrainian Marine Unit Surrenders in Mariupol

The following messages are from the Twitter user COSSACKGUNDI, a British national who joined the Ukrainian marines and has been fighting the Russians in Mariupol for many years now.

As regular readers know, I was quoting his Twitter feed when he was able to post throughout the prewar period and during the war. His interviews on British television were widely seen thus he does have a certain political value as a POW for the Russians.

From UkraineMaps twitter feed also:

This will be a huge morale blow for the Ukrainian forces as this group was providing hope, albeit a false one about resisting the Russians. Chechenphobia by the way is the fear of the Chechen troops have a a ferocious reputation, especially among the Russian forces that fought them, and how they will treat combatants and prisoners.

More from COSSACKGUNDI’s wife(a Ukrainian) who I believe has been the only one posting on his timeline recently:

This will be a huge propaganda coup for the Russian media, so yes, he is correct to be expected as someone who will be given different treatment. This also indicates that the remaining Ukrainian forces are going to either surrender soon or be destroyed.

More updates later on my Telegram feed as finally I’m well enough to return to work.

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