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04.19.22 Russia-Ukraine War Update: The Final Assault on the Donbass has Begun

04.19.22 09:00 UTC UPDATE:

And this morning the world awakens to what will be one of the bloodiest battles of the war:

Trust me. This is the neo-Naze Ukrainian fanatics versus the pro-Russian fanatics. And it will not be pretty.

More confirmation this morning:

The offensive will have air cover for once, it would appear:

Reports are conflicted, as expected, as to which cities and villages are under which side’s control:

From the Daily Sabah in Turkey:

Greece confiscates Russian oil tanker under scope of EU sanctions

Not too smart on their part as Putin will be taking names and making a list of whom to sabotage economically in the very near future.

From the Russian news service TASS:

Kiev plots killing of civilians near Odessa it will blame on Russia — Defense Ministry

The propaganda of both sides may never stop.

And now a different take from a pro-Russia Twitter account which has been fairly reliable with their news updates:

This news was to be expected:


This is not relative to the battles today, but a great example of what real combat is all about for the video game addicts out there:

More updates will be provided via my Telegram channel throughout the day…


I’m back and so are the updates.

Tonight it would appear the assault on the Donbass region in Eastern Ukraine is fully underway. Despite poor estimates from the West and OSINT community, and an early jump per my own estimates, the Russians have launched an all out assault in the region per early reports and this was warned about by some former American military leaders as of two days ago:

So if you are still based in the Stone Age with a prehistoric connection, sorry, not sorry, as there will be a LOT of videos posted the next 96 hours as this war starts to draw closer to an end, instead of an extension. The belief in Washington, DC is that if the Ukrainians can survive the next 30 days, the war will be extended throughout the summer.

However, if 60%+ of their military capabilities are annihilated in Eastern Ukraine over the next 3 weeks, the ability to prevent a Russian victory becomes minimal at best. The Ukrainian forces are running low on food, trained personnel, and worse, ammunition. Without the latter it does not mater just how many “battlefield video victories” are posted as the Russians have the numbers.

On to the updates for yesterday and tonight:

Zelensky announces the offensive has begun:

And more:

The Russians are cranking it up tonight!

And the RuAF is showing up in force today:

Nikolayevsk getting hammered tonight:

LNR artillery in action tonight:

Sucks to be them:

Not a good day to be a Ukie soldier…

Meanwhile earlier, it’s apparent that the battle in Mariupol is almost over with the massive bombardment of the neo-Nazi forces embedded there:

More fighting around the last foothold of the Ukrainian forces in Mariupol:

Reinforcements for this offensive were pouring in earlier today:

It’s early, but a logical strategy:

From Zaporozhye area, just effing wow:

From just f’ing wow:

More in the early A.M., I promise…and all day via my Telegram channel, linked at the upper right.

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