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07.30.22 BREAKING NEWS: China Begins Moving Military Units into Position for Possible Invasion of Taiwan (UPDATED)

The upcoming potential visit of Speaker of the House Vodka Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan might well be the final marker for the United States in its trans-Pacific relationship with Communist China first expanded by the globalists under Bill Clinton. The Global Times, an organ of the CCP, has been venting with quite a fury in the past 48 hours, with stories like these:

Don’t say we didn’t warn you – Symposium of China’s top think tank sends classic, pre-war warning to provocative Pelosi


Sending fighter jets to intercept Pelosi’s plane, declaring air and maritime zones around the island of Taiwan as restriction zones for military exercises … China’s responses will be systematical and not limited to small scale given the severity of Pelosi’s move and the damage to the political trust of China-US relations, Yang Mingjie, head of the Institute of Taiwan Studies in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the Global Times.

And more:

During the forum, many analysts noted that the military response from the Chinese mainland will be larger in scale and upgraded from the ones during the 1995-96 crisis of the Taiwan Straits.

Yet the tone deaf American warhawk wings of the two major US political parties think this is just a game this time with little risk of consequences as their American think tanks downplay the danger.

Another editorial spells it out clearly:

US better clear the ‘mine’ of Pelosi’s Taiwan trip beforehand: Global Times editorial


China’s response has been clear, as always. “Those who play with fire will perish by it.” This was said to Pelosi and the Taiwan secessionist forces that support her. A White House official called it a metaphor that China regularly tends to use. He completely misread and misjudged the essence and weight of this sentence. Any act of stepping on the red line will surely hit the iron wall of China’s counterattack. China’s repeated public warnings are by no means jokes. Washington should turn to history to see that China has always kept its word.

Thus when videos suddenly appear on Twitter and social media from Chinese territory showing the live fire military exercises and military equipment moving into the Fujian province opposite of Taiwan, it should be taken deadly seriously. As those postings do not just suddenly “appear” unless the CCP wants them to be seen.

Chinese MLRS systems on the move in the first video:

Meanwhile, internationally the new Axis powers show their unity while the American public remains oblivious:

And the drills are extensive as the state media posts to the domestic Chinese audience:

With some great live fire video Saturday night to back up their words on this snap drill:

In response, Taiwan is taking this seriously:

Meanwhile #Taiwan has just deployed air defense systems to Taoyuan International Airport, a civilian facility

From this Tweet:

To provide some perspective, here is the current defensive alignment on Taiwan (via AFP):

What we are witnessing thus far is just a small sliver of what could actually be moving into position as the people of China can only post to the outside world what the CCP in Beijing wants us to see.

Stay tuned as further updates will be forthcoming.


Speaking of further updates, found this gem while surfing through the China military related posts on social media:

Drip, drip, drip, the clues are coming in. Just like the prewar period before the Ukraine invasion.

More from Thomas Shugart’s excellent feed:

And more interesting video:

Stay tuned, this is getting spicy.

And another interesting video that Chinese state media promoted recently. I wonder why the emphasis on displaying the vast usage of the Chinese Ro-Ro fleet (sarcasm folks):

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  1. Chuck C Chuck C 07/30/2022

    There is no reason for the trip to Taiwan except to start WWIII in time to declare an emergency and prevent people from voting.

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