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08.20.22 2200 UTC BREAKING NEWS: Daughter of Alexander Dugin Confirmed Killed in Car Bombing (Videos)

The news for this moment is one that will cause massive reverberations if not retributions throughout Russia. The video of the car bombing just after it happened will be played far and wide inside Russia for the next 48 hours and that will create a crack down on all opposition inside Russia unseen since the Soviet era.

Per the SHOT telegram channel she was killed while driving her Toyota Landcruiser near the village of Bolshie Vyazemy. Video of the blast is all over pro-Russian Telegram channels at this time:

Another message indicates that this bomb was intended for Dugin:

The consequences of Putin’s friend and ideological mentor surviving an assassination attempt inside Russia and his daughter being killed are massive. This might be the cause that will unleash a full mobilization to wipe Ukraine off the map along with ending all relations with the West.

Stay tuned as the global axis is about to shift once again. Updates will be added below.

TASS news service now reporting this nationally to the Russian people:


A Toyota Land Cruiser Prado car exploded near the village of Bolshiye Vyazemy in the Moscow region, as a result, the driver died, law enforcement officials told us. According to some media reports, the daughter of a well-known public figure Alexander Dugin, Daria, died as a result of the explosion.

More video:

This is not going to end well for Kiev. It will unite the Russian people and ultimately end up with a much more violent war that the West is not prepared for.

Here is a sample of the Russian reaction on Telegram:

And the Russian reaction is pouring in now:


The daughter of Alexander Dugin, Daria Platonova, died in a car bomb in the Moscow region. Terrible tragedy. Sincere condolences to Alexander Gelevich. And there are strong suspicions that not only she should have been in the car.


The attack on Dugin has a very clear and distinct meaning, and leads directly to the real customers of this attack, if you know the context.

For ordinary crests, and even for the conditional Zelensky, Dugin is some kind of incomprehensible regular Russian philosopher who writes something almost on the table or for a small number of fans. This is if at all people are aware of its existence.

But for the American intellectual establishment, Alexander Dugin is literally “Putin’s brain” and the ideologue of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In humanitarian circles on the East Coast, Dugin is well known. And if the author of these lines was a full-time employee of the CIA and planned psyop with a clear message to the top leadership of Russia, then he would have chosen the Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin as a priority target, almost unequivocally.

More reaction:

No way she survived that:

Updates throughout the night as news comes in.

RT weighs in:

Car blast kills daughter of Russian philosopher Dugin – reports


Preliminary reports suggested that a home-made explosive device might have been involved, but investigators have yet to confirm the cause of the blast.

Earlier on Saturday evening, Aleksandr Dugin was giving a lecture on “Tradition and History” at a family festival in the Moscow region, while his daughter attended the event as a guest. Some unconfirmed reports claimed that Dugin initially planned to leave the festival alongside his daughter, but later sided to take a separate car.

And the UK Daily Mail:

Daughter of Ukraine war mastermind ‘is blown to pieces in Moscow car bomb’: Darya Dugin ‘assassinated in attack meant for her father Alexander’ – one of Putin’s closest aides often dubbed the Russian leader’s ‘brain

Human Events’ Jack Posobiec, a former US intelligence officer said it best:

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  1. ruralcounsel ruralcounsel 08/21/2022

    And this is how a war of assassinations against family of various national western leaders begins. We can expect attacks against Ukrainian leaders and their families, NATO countries leaders and their families, and US and Canadian leaders and their families. Just remember who started it.

    This is going to get a lot messier and more costly than the WEF/IMF globalists thought it would.

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