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08.30.21 16:35 ET BREAKING NEWS: Last U.S. Airplane has Left Afghanistan

And just like that, America’s most ineptly run “war” is now over as of 16:24 Eastern Time on August, 30 2021.

The US Pentagon has just confirmed this information at the start of their press briefing. What a humiliation for the bureaucrats and neocons who had this naive idealism that Rome could not be defeated.

I feel horrible for our soldiers, the wounded veterans, and the thousands of Americans stranded in Afghanistan. Worst of all, I feel sorry for those that once again, our government has betrayed. As they die on Tik-Tok or short YouTube videos because of the arrogance of Washington, D.C. just remember they view the average American in no higher esteem than the goat herders they bombed to claim success.

The next two decades are going to be brutal for America. I hope everyone is ready.

Meanwhile in Afghanistan, the celebrations have begun:

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