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10.07.23 BREAKING NEWS: Israel Declares War as Palestinian Forces Attack Israel on Broad Front – Updated 14:15 UTC 100 Killed, over 900 Wounded in Israel

To wake up to this breaking news is somewhat disturbing but here we are in the post Pax Americana world.

UPDATED 10.07.23 14:15 UTC:

From the Times of Israel:

13min ago

At least 900 wounded in massive Hamas attack on Israel

The Health Ministry says so far 908 injured people have been taken to hospitals for treatment in the ongoing terror attack by Hamas on southern and central Israel.

At least 100 have been killed in the unprecedented assault, authorities say.

I shall link to various sources as I listen to news from the region and attempt to keep updates flowing as needed.

Per Al-Jazeera just moments ago, in Gaza 198 killed over 1600 wounded due to IAF airstrikes.

There is no sign of deescalation at this moment.

This statement is an eye opener, it would seem reconciliation between Israel and the Arab States might well be put on hold after this.

Let us hope that ayden is wrong in this post, but I fear he is not.

I’ll update again later tonight. I’m going to try to enjoy my Saturday now praying for peace in the world.


Netanyahu declares war as at least 20 Israelis dead

The attack was quite broad hitting targets in Tel Aviv, breaking through the Irondome defense systems and catching the IDF by surprise. From the Jerusalem Post article linked above:

Hamas claimed to have kidnapped five IDF soldiers, but the IDF had not yet confirmed the report. Israeli media reported that Hamas had 33 prisoners of war, including both civilians and IDF soldiers that are being held as hostage. 

“Residents in the south and center of the country are required to be in close proximity to protected areas, and those in the Gaza periphery should remain within a secure space,” the IDF announced.

The Times of Israel provides an update on casualties:

The Health Ministry says 545 people have been hospitalized since the start of the massive attack by Hamas, which was launched by the terror group at around 6:30 a.m. this morning.

Earlier, the Magen David Adom emergency service said that at least 22 people have been killed. The death toll is expected to rise.

The ground assault by Hamas was widespread throughout southern Israel.

From the military perspective, it would appear the Palestinian forces have learned a lot watching the Ukraine war.

Targets throughout Israel were hit which indicates the improvement of Palestinian weaponry.

Translation via Google: Launching rocket salvoes from Sector #غزة towards Israeli border settlements, and Iron Dome intercepts a number of them.

The IAF has retaliated with a massive bombing campaign on Gaza but now the risk of Hezbollah intervening form the north is actively being discussed in Israeli media. The full mobilization of the Israeli military including a call up of all reservists is currently underway.

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