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10.08.23 Middle East War Day 2: Report of a Successful Hamas Para-glider Insertion at Tsalim Military Base near Dimona Nuclear Plant(updated 20:45 UTC)


No rest for the damned. If they are successful at the Tsalim military base with an attack, the F-35’s there would be the primary target. If it is the Dimona nuclear facility they are targeting nearby, the situation just got proportionally much more interesting. I’ll try to keep this part of the thread updated as much as possible.

Now more riots and fighting in and near Jerusalem and Hebron also:

And more incoming rocket attacks as IronDome is active again.


The news and information is flowing hot and heavy today.

Which means even more will be landing overnight. I wonder if Zelensky is going to feel the impacts of this supply redirect as rumors are the F-16’s and Abrams are being redirected also.

NSFW or the mentally weak warning on this video. This is what is happening now. Remember this when the Palis whine when Israeli units move into Gaza.

Now it has spread to the refugee camps and the West Bank.

This is going to be a very bloody conflict as a result of the attacks on unarmed civilians. The IDF will not be restrained this time. From Ynet News:

Over 700 Israelis dead from Hamas attack; 260 bodies removed from party near Re’im

More to come with a new thread after midnight UTC unless breaking news occurs sooner.


Dear God, this is horrible.

In a not so surprising development, several Americans are believed to be among the dead in the conflict so far. It is unknown if any were among those kidnapped and taken back to Gaza.

Meanwhile, Hamas is engaging in the type of behavior that enrages not only the civilian population of Israel, but the soldiers who are preparing to invade Gaza and eradicate the threat. The videos below will only fuel the fury of the IDF.

WSJ: Egyptian negotiators failed to convince Hamas to release wounded hostages

Via the Times of Israel:

Reports have been circulating that Egypt has been working to attempt to free some of the Israeli captives being held in Gaza.

More than 100 Israelis are believed to have been abducted and held in the Strip.

The Wall Street Journal, however, cites Egyptian officials saying that their negotiators “failed to convince the Palestinian factions to release injured Israeli captives.”

Earlier the newspaper reported that Israel had reached out to Cairo to request its intervention.

The blunder is now in the public for the world to see. From the UK Telegraph this morning:

Israeli intelligence last week concluded Hamas would not launch a full invasion


Israeli officials falsely concluded that Hamas was not interested in provoking a full-scale war with Israel, it has emerged, as questions swirl over major intelligence failures that led to Saturday’s assault.

According to Haaretz, an Israeli Left-wing newspaper, an assessment by security services last week found that Hamas was eager “to avoid a full-fledged war with Israel”, with officials unaware of plans for the combined rocket assault and raids on the south.

The same assessment concluded that Hamas did not want to “jeopardise past achievements that bettered the lives of the Gazan residents”, Haaretz reported, referring to economic incentives offered by Israel to Gaza to ease tensions, such as work permits.

And now the Mossad and Israeli military intelligence are awake and paying attention as this posting demonstrates.

The numbers of dead and wounded continue to mount. Sadly, I feel this is just the beginning. More as the news warrants throughout the day.


This morning the conflict in Israel has escalated dramatically with Hezbollah firing mortars and rockets into the Sheeba Farms region of northern Israel as per this report from Al-Jazeera:

The estimated losses for Israel are now over 500 civilians and military killed along with over 2000 wounded as of earlier this morning.

Included in these losses is the commander of some of Israel’s elite forces. This morning it was confirmed by the IDF that Col. Roi Levy of the “Ghost” unit was indeed killed. From the Times of Israel:

IDF says commander of elite ‘Ghost’ unit among those killed in battles

Also this morning, two Israeli tourists were murdered in Alexandria, Egypt. Also, from the Times of Israel:

Foreign Ministry confirms 2 Israelis killed in Egypt, working to bring them home

And sadly, no sooner than I typed that, an update hit my feed, the count is now seven as an Egyptian policeman was the individual who fired into a tourist bus, killing the Israeli tourists.

Meanwhile, the IDF has reportedly cleared 22 villages but are still in the process of calling up hundreds of thousands of reservists to clear southern Israel of Hamas terrorists and reinforce the north to prevent a Hezbollah incursion. The situation is dire as some of the IDF’s advance bases captured near Gaza has yielded a treasure trove of armor, intelligence, and weaponry to Hamas.

Hamas has claimed to have kidnapped over 750 Israeli citizens and soldiers which they assert are being held inside Gaza. This will force the IDF to engage in a major house by house, tunnel by tunnel operation to find and rescue them if possible. As of this morning, per Ynet News, the Israeli government is seeking help from Egypt in their return to avoid such an operation:

Israel appeals to Egypt to help release captives from Gaza, report

In a separate development, the Arab League is getting involved but not directing it’s request to the United States and the incompetent Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken. From Reuters:

Arab League chief heads to Moscow for talks after Hamas attack on Israel

Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia, the Arab News print edition highlights how the Saudi government is going to walk this tightrope by calling for deescalation while condemning Israeli attacks against civilians in the Arabic broadcast media.

Meanwhile, last night the air raids on Gaza continued as any building identified as owned by Hamas or where operations were being conducted from were destroyed.

I shall attempt to update throughout the day as events warrant. At this moment it would appear the entire region is on the razor’s edge and I do not with to post any unsubstantiated rumors appearing on Telegram or X which have not been verified. The stories about Chinese weapons supplied to Hamas, Iran getting ready to become directly involved, border crossings of fighters from Jordan are all unverified and there is zero confirmation at this time.

One does have to ask though, how can Hamas set up a rocket formation as large as the one in the photo below, undetected by the Israeli military and intelligence services (photo is allegedly of Al Quds fighters preparing to fire rockets yesterday afternoon).

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