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10.10.22 08:45 UTC Breaking News: Russia Retaliates, Cities and Infrastructure Across Ukraine Attacked

After Vladimir Putin’s anger was on full display from the Kremlin yesterday it was obvious to any observer that the attack on the Kerch bridge in Crimea would have consequences.

About one hour ago, those consequences started across Ukraine hitting power plants, water plants, and key infrastructure in Kiev, Dnipro, Zhotmir, Lviv, and many other Ukrainian cities.

The videos are showing that whatever air defenses were stripped from the cities to protect front line units have left those areas susceptible to massive air attacks like this.

Foreign embassies have instructed their staff to evacuate:

And Russia’s “restraint” in this conflict appears to be over as stated in the following tweet:

In another ominous development, all Russian military aircraft appear to have turned off their transponders:



As I wrote on Saturday, it would appear that it will be a long, cold, thirsty winter for the Ukrainian population:

There are also reports of power cables being cut in the Baltic Sea supplying electricity to various Swedish and Danish islands. In addition to all of this, unconfirmed reports of over 20,000 Russian troops massing on the Belarus-Ukraine border are appearing across Russian Telegram channels. If so, then perhaps the Russians have decided to change this from a “Special Military Operation” and into a full fledged war. Of course it will not be declared nor changed into an ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation) until long after thousands of Russian troops are inside of Ukraine to the west of Kiev.

It would appear that another miscalculation by the CIA, Pentagon, and State Department is about to cost NATO and all of Europe dearly. Do not be surprised if some “incidents” occur to stir up the hornets nest which is the upcoming conflict between Greece and Turkey along with more problems in Kosovo.

The Biden junta is getting exactly what it wanted: Chaos.

The Russians however have had enough. As their new general of the Russian Army and leader of the SMO stated this morning:

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  1. ontoiran ontoiran 10/10/2022

    what are his pronouns?

  2. Jim Marotta Jim Marotta 10/10/2022

    Hyperbaric cruise missiles as gifts for all my little friends! If you’re going to shoot, shoot…don’t talk – Tuco.

    • John Galt John Galt Post author | 10/10/2022

      Thanks Phil! This is just the start, I have the feeling the real pain begins in two weeks.

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