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10.15.22 21:30 UTC: China Urges All Citizens to Leave Ukraine Immediately

10.16.22 11:30 UTC Update:

This could be a logical explanation as to why China issued this order in the middle of the night yesterday:

It is the most logical explanation I have found thus far.


A very dark period is about to descend on this world of ours. The Chinese Government has alerted all of its citizens to leave Ukraine immediately:

The official notification from the Chinese Embassy via WeChat:

With the beginning of the Chinese Communist Party meeting tomorrow this is a very ominous development as the beginning of the total war on Kiev may well begin within the next 10 to 14 days.

What the world has witnessed thus far is, for some strange reason, is Putin ordering restraint from a full on attack on major Ukrainian cities. I fear that is about to come to an end. And the Twitter world is buzzing wondering why such an order was issued late on a Saturday evening in Ukraine.

If this is the case, just how large of an offensive will this be, especially considering the rumored build up of over 20,000 Russian troops in Belarus.

Apparently large enough of an event is coming up where Xi does not want to see pictures of Chinese citizens being killed or wounded. Or is it for another reason…

This is my speculation only:

Perhaps the new offensive with Russia moving into Ukraine on a larger more violent scale is going to be in coordination with an attack by China on Taiwan.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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  1. 1withabrightfuture 1withabrightfuture 10/15/2022

    Hello JohnGaltFla, hope you are doing well… 🙂

    Daytonabill – former TB2000

    • John Galt John Galt Post author | 10/16/2022

      Hanging in there. It’s been an “interesting” year needless to say. Prepare for impact.

  2. Susan Susan 10/15/2022

    Hehe… Cmon!

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