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$50,000 Drone Shoots Down $8 Million Mig-29 (Video)

Using the modern woke PC version of phrasing, that title is 100% accurate.

To be honest it is quite hilarious and should terrify the zombies in our Pentagon but it won’t, that much I can promise.

First, let’s check out the video and all of us get a good laugh as a Ukrainian Mig-29 attempts to intercept a Shaed 136 unmanned drone over Vinnytsia in central Ukraine.

Not exactly an in game highlight for “the Ghost” or the UkAF.

Needless to say, pro-Russian Twitter accounts are enjoying this:


In all seriousness now, the Ukrainians should be freaking out now as are the NATO allies. The Russians have learned how to use the variants of the Iranian drones and reprogram them to fit their needs. These suicide drones are being used to force the Ukrainians to use and expose anti-aircraft artillery sites and anti-aircraft missile batteries or face the risk of a suicide drone hitting them.

It is a very sound military strategy that our Pentagon is too slow and arrogant to adapt.

By using inexpensive drones to clear the path, the Russians will set the tempo when the real offensive begins in two to three weeks. As the ground hardens and the remainder of Russian regular military reserves are positioned, a major air and ground offensive will commence. The drones will be used to clear the way, either as decoys for Russian Air Force units designed to eradicate anti-aircraft sites or to do so themselves. This will open a path up for heavy bombers to drop massive payloads on infantry and armored units exposed once their protective umbrella is removed.

Now imagine a massed brigade of Ukrainian ground forces being hit by three or four FOABs:

The shock value alone could create panic in the Ukrainian conscripts that Western advisers could never have planned for.

The war is about to take a very dark turn. Tactical nuclear weapons will not be needed by Russia.

However, they might be needed by the West, or Kiev could lose this war quite badly.

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