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A Damning Indictment of Biden’s Foreign Policy (Video)

While most commentators will focus on the staged interview of Senile Joe with George Stephanopoulos, I feel this historic video from the walls around the Kabul airport sums up the failures of this junta that can not be debated:

If a mother is so desperate to hand her infant child to a U.S. soldier she does not know, then the situation for her future is so dire that it brings a tear to a normal person’s eye. But the following Tweet from Richard Engel of NBC News, hardly a conservative, will fill any sane person with rage as to the incompetency of this regime:

Every poor Afghan or American citizen who dies from this point forward is now Biden’s responsibility. Of course his “people” and the pathetic excuse for generals in the Pentagon will follow his lead and quote Hillary Clinton, another famous globalist leftist:

“What difference does it make?”

Disgusting souls, all of them.

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