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A Demonstration of Cluster Bombardment in Actual Use (Video)

The United States decided that since we could not meet the demands of a traditional conventional war with high explosive shells, we would sell the greatly disputed “cluster” munitions to the Ukrainians.

Actually it was more of a donation since our reserves were pretty much depleted, but everyone started saying how “horrible” these weapons are and “what if Russia uses them” etc.

Russia decided to use them as this recent video demonstrates:

Boys and girls, if you think a real war is neat and clean like you see on television it is not. The poor Ukrainian bastards under this attack were hit hard and probably suffered north of a 50% casualty rate if they were in the open or near the secondary explosions.

Russia promised to react tit for tat for every move NATO and the West has made without the ultimate acceleration into an end-game scenario.

Sadly, there is a higher and higher probability with each day that this will be the end result.

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