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America is Broken

And this isn’t the man to fix it:

Former Vice-President Sleepy Joe Biden may be many things, but “leadership” material is not one of them. The entire Biden family has been exposed as corrupt to the core, but not as slick as the Clinton, Bush, or Obama regimes regarding the riches they created for themselves while in office.

When did I realize that America was broken? The moment I saw our supply chain bend, scream, then shatter in these two photos during the pandemic:

And of course this one from Costco:

The first picture was taken just weeks ago. These signs along with the purchase limit of one item per customer indicates that our domestic supply chain is still in tatters. The latter picture was taken during the peak of the pandemic in the spring.

What does this mean regarding America being broken though?

After a summer of absurdity, the clown show has moved into high gear with the Presidential election just days away. Americans are buying guns and ammunition at a frightening pace. Rarely, one can find American manufactured ammo if they are purchasing off caliber or old boxes at gun shows. The majority of the mainstream ammunition I have seen at gun shows and stores is from Russian and overseas suppliers. So what happened to the U.S. manufacturers?

If one has the patience like I do, one can scroll through the various spending contracts at USA Spending and figure it out fairly quickly. Domestic law enforcement and our military and numerous other government departments have resumed buying ammunition at a frightening pace, starting in 2019. I’ll leave that to my readers to draw their own conclusions.

The decline in our nation coincided with a not so coincidental series of stories starting in June of 2019:

Bond guru who called interest rate top in 2018 now says yields could fall further

At that time, the 10 year US Treasury was yielding around 2.16%, today just 0.78%.

Bond king Jeffrey Gundlach bets on gold and rings alarm bell on potential U.S. recession

Nailed it.

And so did Gary Shilling, even though he was detecting the disruptions in the banking system and pending continuation of the massive deflationary wave which hit with a vengeance in early 2020, thus triggering the true “technical” recession instead of the Federal Reserve delayed downturn which began in Q3 2019.

In July of 2019, these two stories provided more hints about the financial troubles to come:

This group of stocks is flashing a warning sign — ignore it at your ‘peril,’ says expert

Investor who nailed the 1987 crash ditches stocks and bonds and here’s why

Then these stories started to appear in August of 2019:

The super rich are selling stocks, buying properties and keeping cash ready

New recession warning: The rich aren’t spending

By October 2019, the fragility and danger within our economy became more visible:

Expert who called the 2008 crisis says repeat of December meltdown is inevitable

Bank heads warn of looming liquidity crisis

And thus the exposure of the stealth Federal Reserve bank bailout became exposed again.

As I detailed back in February, around the time these stories appeared in various financial news outlets, the stories began to leak out from China about a new contagious respiratory virus. The average American was clueless, the mainstream media downplayed it in favor of the push for impeachment, and financial markets ignored it in lieu of unprecedented Federal Reserve daily backstops for America’s and Europe’s major financial institutions.

Then the coronavirus arrived in the U.S. The “experts” claimed this was as severe as the 1918 Spanish Flu and due to our modern society millions of Americans will die. Is that a coincidence as the financial crisis started to hit our society in full? I shall let the reader make their own determination.

Mysteriously another situation hit, where normal consumer goods disappeared from the shelves. Instead of name brands, institutional brands filled grocery store and big box stores shelves, like these paper towels from Sysco:

Normally that is only sold to commercial customers, not retail, for the uninformed. The institutional toilet paper is still be stocked alongside the limited supply of normal consumer brands. For those who have not noticed, the consumer brands have increased their paper good product prices by anywhere from 25-50% depending on which brand one uses. Same for cleaning products. Same for sanitizers. Same for some foodstuffs.

Conveniently a virus which has allowed governors to achieve Reich-Fuehrer status outside of any Constitutional powers has now covered up all of our financial problems except those created by the government. Think about that as you read this.

Then one day I saw this sign from a local 7-11:

There is nothing which could realistically have caused all of our coinage to suddenly vanish from the face of the earth. Add on to the hysteria stories like this one:

Novel Coronavirus Survives 28 Days on Glass, Currency

and it suddenly becomes obvious that like it or nor, regardless of who wins on November 3rd, America, Europe, and parts Asia will be moving to a universal digital currency outside of the Bitcoin galaxy, to be managed by some sort of global central bank consortium. By removing anonymity from the average American’s purchasing ability, the power to block, restrict, or tax purchases of items (or travel) that a corrupt government does not want a citizen to own becomes quite simple.

Without rehashing the submission of our society, the start of the dreaded “2nd Wave”, and current events exposing decades of official government corruption by judges, politicians, and bureaucrats alike, the only conclusion one can draw is that our nation is broken; perhaps irreparably.

I fear the next steps are the most terrifying and barring some sort of revolution by the individual to restore the balance next Tuesday, the problems of the past twenty years will seem minor compared to what is happening next.

I am not optimistic about the masses doing what is right.

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