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America Will Remember the 5th of November

Today will be remembered as the final nail in the coffin of the once great United States of America as the new Globalist Banana Republic is born.

At some point late this afternoon, the state of Nevada and possibly others, will give Joe Biden the phony victory using the same methodical voter fraud that Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan engaged in. The state controlled mainstream media will then declare Joe Biden the President-Elect. The calls will begin for Trump supporters and the President himself to act civil and accept the election results as the “will of the people.”

The will of the people has been suppressed however. The Democrat Party along with the international handlers who control our media are going to force the masses to believe that many states had 85%+ participation in this year’s election; a statistical impossibility. Along with the voter in Detroit, Michigan who voted for Mr. Biden who was born in 1823.

If anyone realistically thinks that the Supreme Court of the United States will help, I simply remind my readers of the event which accelerated our nation’s decline:

On June 28, 2012 Justice John Roberts decided to re-write the ACA in his stunning decision in NFIB v. Sebelius.

With this decision the case law for allowing judges to become legislators became a permanent part of remodeling the judicial role in society and that ideology has trickled down to the local and state level. Add in his recent action regarding the Pennsylvania Supreme Court this election cycle and it is apparent that there will be no Constitutional redress for the individual regarding election fraud in our nation.


With the emergence of our nation as a full fledged Banana Republic, I suggest every patriotic American fly their U.S. flag upside down after the results are announced and leave them there until January 20, 2021. After that date, a more appropriate flag should be flown until our nation’s Constitution is restored:

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