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America’s Summer of Doom and Decline

AS I prepare for my departure for a week plus of debauchery and recreational ichthyology, I thought it would only be appropriate for a quick review of just how tragic I fear the upcoming summer will be for the United States. I have elected to focus this brief piece on the US because the ripple effects from the problems in the rest of the world are about to hit our shores as a tsunami of economic and political death, destruction, and ultimate decline.

I. A New World War

First and foremost, the war in Europe now sits on the precipice of becoming a true global war. The United States, outside of Pearl Harbor and incidents of espionage, has been immune from attack on its homeland during world wars in the past century. That too will come to an end, probably during the summer of 2022.

Look for the Chinese and Russians to exploit an already weakened American economy by creating havoc in areas which will create huge profits for their nations while imposing hardships Americans rarely endure or understand. As the US increased pressure on Moscow with further weapons shipments to the Kiev regime, Russia will work with China to coordinate and turn the screws on Washington by further isolating the Biden junta and European Union from the Africa, the Pacific, and South Asia.

In addition, as the intensity increases and Russia begins to close out its assaults on Odessa and the linkage with Transnistria across all of southern Ukraine, the US will overplay its hand in concert with the European Union. I would look for a complete cut off of all strategic metals to all Western dealers resulting in massive shortages heading into the autumn of 2022. To add insult to injury, Russia will probably impose a complete energy embargo on all nations which assisted Ukraine which will result in a major economic disruption far worse than now.

After all of that, Moscow will unleash decades of pent up ire at the USA. How? As the energy shortages create $6 to $7 per gallon regular unleaded as a national average by August, look for their military to begin attacking American infrastructure. Attack the US with Kaliber cruise missiles? No, but in concert with third parties, the Russian military’s cyberwar attack will really begin. Just think about the consequences of day long, perhaps week(s) long electrical blackouts in America’s largest cities already strained by a summer of riots and food shortages. Add in water system “failures” and the formula is in place to hit the American homeland and economy in ways that have never been seen in modern history.

China will follow suit as their economic and military actions against Taiwan will accelerate during the cyclone season to isolate Taipei from its only ally. As the United States offers token assistance and the paper tiger that is the US Navy becomes obvious to Beijing, direct ancillary actions such as mystery attacks against small Taiwanese naval and commercial vessels. Economically, the Chinese might well ban all Taiwanese commercial vessels from calling on Chinese ports as the preparations for invasion accelerate. That will only exacerbate the shortages inside the US, creating more problems for an already crippled economy.

II. A Less than Happy Homeland

In the land of domestic discontent, foreign actors will not be necessary for the wave of riots, protests, and leftist inspired terrorism our society is about to witness. But, just like the 1960’s and 1970’s, foreign actors will act as agitprop and financiers to create the conditions that the wealthy and political elites of both parties are the cause of every problem inside the USA.

The mainstream media is barely covering the issues of a domestic food shortage this summer despite the warning signs everywhere. This will become a huge part of the domestic agitation as some parts of the nation will fare far better than others, especially in larger, poorer cities.

Now imagine the same sign saying how many digital ration stamps are needed to purchase this item for qualified EBT purchases. It’s coming and our government has been fine tuning the EBT system over the past decade to prepare for this day. Caloric intake, quality of food purchases, and restrictions on variety of flavors and foods offered will be called a “historic” dietary revolution, but in reality once one looks past the propaganda, it will be quite obvious that America is unable to produce enough food for every citizen and non-citizen living on our shores.

For those who are economically ignorant, which is about 90% of the US population, I took a snap shot of this chart from Barron’s in early March to highlight the price inflation in food America has been experiencing:

Now add in the rate of price increase annually displayed above by late this summer doubling and then shortages of what foodstuffs are available and tell me one more time there will not be riots and discontent in our society, if not an all out breakdown in the social order by autumn.

It will not just be food and material shortages that cause discontent. The recent leak of the decision by the Supreme Court caused a minor riot on Tuesday night in Los Angeles with the usual ANTIFA/Communist Party agitators stirring things up:

Abortion rights protesters ‘throw rocks and bottles’ at police in Los Angeles

Thankfully throwing rocks and bottles and breaking windows is a mostly peaceful protest in Democrat controlled cities. However, the foreign media views what is happening from a different perspective. Via the UK Daily Mail‘s article by Justin Webb:

It may sound incendiary, but I fear this could spark a new civil war: It is not just that the impending decision to strike out Roe v Wade will exacerbate divisions… It is also a seminal moment in the battle between Left and Right

Unfortunately for Justin, and those living in their sheltered lives in America, the Civil War has already begun, the violence is just not as pronounced as that in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

New York City was not to be denied it’s Marxist evening of mayhem either last night as things begin to tilt towards another summer like 2020, if not worse:

This summer I fear that changes when the left overplays their hands with politically inspired riots to blame Republicans and evil big business for depriving the masses of “their fair share” even though they do not wish to go to work nor pay for any goods necessary to survive. Thus the false conflict of rich versus poor will be promoted to blame all of our problems on greed and deflect from the incompetence of a hybrid centralized government command control economy. The difference this time is that indeed, I expect it to get bloody in parts of the country, especially in areas like Los Angeles where the rooftop Koreans will probably return, this time opening fire to defend their families and small grocery stores.

The globalists and the extreme left will use all of these problems to destabilize our society, and that means that the middle class and poor will be the ones who pay the price for all of this.

III. Covid Version Windows 11.3 Returns

Dr. Fauci has returned with his Neo-Fascist group of medical tyrants and government bureaucrats to warn everyone that Covid is not over. However, now that I have fully recovered from the China virus, let me warn everyone; the government will declare a non-threatening version of the disease as the most deadly variant ever and lockdowns must return.

Unless of course you are burning down the businesses or homes of evil capitalists.

The reason for the coronavirus scare will be not due to a new variant; that is expected. It will be for political and economic purposes. The political elites need a reason beyond Russia, Russia, Russia to blame for all of the problems they created and the virus test run worked perfectly for their vile pogroms in 2020. So why not try it again, this time creating such terror that the elderly will never leave their homes and thus need a new government program to deliver food, medicine, and good old government religion to their doorstep.

IV. The Great Financial Reset

The sheeple can not have their retirements stolen nor their currency rapidly debased without a “Great Reset” right? I would say that 20%+ inflation is a good start, but hell, let’s crash real estate, stocks, bonds, and any asset that the little people can own or the government can confiscate. That should do it.

And so they are.

When I first penned The Economic Nightmare of 2022 way, way back on December 28, 2021, I had no idea it could get worse than that. The collapse of our empire by design is now in total free fall and my guesstimates on the market’s performance perhaps optimistic. When one adds in the total destruction of our nation’s economic and societal structure, things might get a lot, lot worse.

As I warned on January 9, 2022 in “Why Everyone Should Prepare for the Collapse of Empire” I highlighted why the global economic displacement of our nation’s empire imploding will have dramatic impacts on our society. These events are already in motion and our society is failing on a global scale unseen since the two world wars.

This begs the question for the summer, just how bad will it get?

401K and Pension fund confiscation for management by a “government bureau” bad.

In the process of this decline as our economy hits rock bottom during the winter of 2022, the American people will be offered a “Great Reset” to provide our nation stability, economic viability, and prevent social unrest and starvation.

Naturally 80% of the sheeple will accept that offer and the remaingin 20% will be considered either part of the elites or those that wish to foment terrorism and a civil war.

So everyone, that’s what I expect. By the time you read this, I will be sitting in my beach cabana with the little guy going “da plane da plane!” bringing me buckets of beer and/or tequila until I depart for my fishing trip with the boys on Sunday further south of the resort my wife will be at. Enjoy your doom and destruction this week and next as May 9th is a bigger date than everyone thinks and the stock market is ready to complete Wave 2 down to new lows for the year.

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  1. Chuck C Chuck C 05/09/2022

    Now that you have presented the bright side ……..
    It will be much, much, much worse for a lot of people who are not willing to prepare accordingly.

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