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An Ominous Rumor Which May Indicate the Start of World War III

There are those on the internet which claim that the US led NATO bloc is already at war with Russia via its proxy conflict with Ukraine being used to provide the manpower for the fighting. There is some degree of truth in this as many nations which formerly frowned on their current or former soldiers becoming professional mercenaries are turning a blind eye to this practice now, including the United States and United Kingdom.

Today a rumor, that is my term not WarGonzo’s, from a somewhat reliable source in the region though should cause a pause for everyone to reflect on just how close the world may be coming to a wider European conflict:

While Moldova is Europe’s poor sickly sister with no NATO protection the idea that Romania would become involved raises some questions. There is a logical reason for this mobilization however and the road to World War III if one thinks about what is next.

As the Russian mobilization enters into its final 3 week stretch the reality is about to hit the Ukrainian military will create shockwaves throughout the West. The problem is, for lack of a better expression, what is left of the Ukrainian military has shot its wad. The indications are that in the Kherson offensive to the South they have taken thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of casualties. Meanwhile during the Kharkov offensive while large amounts of territory has been conceded by secondary units of the Russian military, it was an organized fighting withdrawal inflicting thousands of casualties once again.

Thus logic would dictate if Russia can unleash 150,000 to 200,000 fresh combat ready units with strong reserves to the rear for logistics and supply, the shock value alone would rapidly reverse all of Kiev’s gains and slaughter the remnants of the Ukrainian military. Add in the fact that Zelensky’s arrogance of attacking positions inside of Russia has pretty much given Putin the green light to destroy the infrastructure of major cities like Lviv, Kiev, Odessa, etc., leaving the citizens with no electricity or water heading into a harsh winter while under threat of persistent attack.

In other words total war.

The concept of total war has long escaped the teachings of Annapolis, West Point, and the military bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. Unfortunately for Europe this has not been witnessed since the 1940’s thus the lessons and the agony have long been forgotten. Add in the fact that the Pentagon doctrine of total war being acceptable as long as it is not in the United States, and that should terrify all of Europe. If Russia launches this much vaunted offensive from Belarus into central Ukraine as rumored and Russia successfully seizes Nikolayev and Odessa then this rumor makes perfect sense.

Consider the idea that by late December to January the operation would be nearing an end and the war starting to wind down as Ukraine has been successfully suffered military attrition to levels where their forces are no longer effective. NATO would be forced to fish or cut bait with the Kiev government or double down. The arrogance of the EU and American political elites fits the idea of sacrificing Moldovan citizens on the alter of globalism to expand, not end the war. The leader of this impoverished nation is corrupt so buying him off will be easier and cheaper than giving a kilo of coke to Zelensky every month (that’s sarcasm for you pearl clutching souls).

Thus if a new offensive using Romanian “volunteers” and Moldovan forces to counter Russian success in the Southwestern Ukraine begins, it would only a matter of time before Russia begins a full mobilization in preparation against NATO. Add in a potential conflict between Greece and Turkey and the fact that all of this would happen long after Communist China completed its occupation of Taiwan and the global instability would be at its greatest level since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Prepare accordingly because this rumor does not sound so far fetched when one reviews America and the UK’s conduct in sacrificing Ukrainian teenagers to maintain the global status quo.

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