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And the Fake News Media Layoff Slaughter Accelerates

(h/t Larry Schweikart for the heads up on Twitter)

While the rest of America is shocked by the ongoing layoffs in various businesses due to the Chinese Virus, the “mainstream” Fake News Media is now beginning to find out that capitalism is still alive, at least until January 20, 2021.

From TheWrap on December 4th:

ABC News Layoffs Include National Correspondents, ‘The View’ Senior Exec Producer

Ouch. I’ve witnessed a surge in local layoffs happening at iHeart stations across Florida and the nation plus other national radio chains looking to do the same. This was entirely predictable after the drop off in ad revenues for print and broadcast media across every spectrum.

From the article linked above:

“Unfortunately, as we position ABC News for the future, we’ve made the difficult decision to reduce the size of our workforce in a few areas,” ABC News President James Goldston said in a Thursday memo to staff. “As hard as this moment is for our colleagues, it is necessary as we adapt to changes in our business and how the company is organized by consolidating some functions and moving people into roles essential to our growth in the long term.”

Earlier on Thursday, Disney announced the shuttering of Radio Disney and Radio Disney Country as part of ongoing restructuring across the company. The 36 affected full- and part-time employees were notified Thursday and will all be laid off in February 2021.

What does this mean?

The Radio Disney closure is not a shock. Just two decades ago they had a powerhouse 50,000 watt daytime medium-wave (AM band) station which covered most of Florida and blasted tourists as they drove into Florida to get children excited about visiting their parks. By moving to an all digital format and selling their radio assets they saved a fortune but with theme park attendance down severely due to the China Virus, there was little if any hope of saving the Radio Disney platforms.

The bigger story is in the ABC News division. While many outlets like NBC and CBS have migrated to digital formats via cable and the internet, ABC was hesitant to do so and really only had its broadcast outlets to promote is propaganda. Thus when the media elected to deliberately belittle and alienate 50% of the U.S. population along with a declining demographic situation for its audience, it was a no-brainer for advertisers to demand lower rates or cutting out the medium for advertising completely.

With further declines to happen during the next ninety days as the election becomes a distant memory, look for the traditonal networks, ABC, CBS, Fox News, and NBC to consider shuttering or phasing back even more news divisions perhaps including a complete liquidation of their radio assets and closing their national news radio divisions.

By engaging their audiences as enemies instead of playing the middle, the end will be sooner, rather than later so getting the pain over with now might give the larger networks a little bit more time to recover or possibly just barely survive. In reality though, they are dinosaurs of an era long gone with personalities now being driven by petty personal political agendas versus actual news and reporting.

Good riddance.

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