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Another Dark Moment in Human History Begins

For those who were following the first two nights of the outbreak of the Middle East War on my blog, I thank you. It was very difficult posting articles from a variety of websites be they on Twitter/X, Telegram, the US media, or overseas media. If one posts from one site or another, they are usually accused of a bias. I attempted to play the middle and just report the facts, but the horrors which have just begun pale to the inhumanity I fear we shall see in the weeks ahead.

I do not want to spend this thread re-posting dark videos of slaughtered families in Israel, bombed out buildings in Gaza, or the beheaded children which I’m sure will appear on someone’s website soon. I also do not want to waste my reader’s time discussing the end days, World War III, etc. All of that is but a symptom of something very dark that our modern society has not witnessed since Pol Pot, which the American public ignored in the 1970’s, and the horrors of World War II.

In fact, just like during World War II and its auspicious beginnings, the New York Times has already begun editing their stories to appeal to the enemies of freedom and decency:

Then MEMRI, a group I am quite familiar with over the past decades which translates Arabic and Farsi (Persian) language local outlets into English for Western readers and listeners posted this on Twitter/X:

Of course following the story, the usual suspects said that Hamas was going to use the civilians as “human shields” and were going to cause the slaughter of tens of thousands of residents in Gaza.

No duh you morons.

But there is a more sinister aspect to what will happen now and it is ignored by the elitist Western media and apparently what is left of our “intelligence” apparatus.

Hamas, Hezbollah, the Mullahs in Iran, etc. do not place the same value on human life that westerners do. In fact, if a life is sacrificed to achieve a political, religious, or “moral” goal, that life becomes that of the martyr. This translation from the Quran on the Virtues of the Martyrs should provide some insight:

Allah states that even though the martyrs were killed in this life, their souls are alive and receiving provisions in the Dwelling of Everlasting Life.

Tafsir Surah Ali ‘Imran, 169

If I fumbled the translation and Google translation, my apologies to all.

This belief that martyrdom gives one everlasting paradise is imprinted on the youngest of families and children in the more radicalized aspects of Islamic society. Thus why the Hamas terrorists are planning on a darkness unseen since the Second World War to achieve not just a political, but religious goal to set the world on fire and initiate an uprising against Israel, Judaism on a global scale, and the West.

Before everyone contacts me via responses, emails, etc. about how “professional” the Israeli military is, keep in mind that the majority of their forces are conscripts. This is verified by the massive call up of reservists happening on a global scale to reinforce the homeland.

Unfortunately this breakdown in the intelligence services of Israel is not their first and sadly, might be the most costly since the 1982 invasion of Lebanon. That intelligence failure seems to parallel this current one where the defenses were slack to non-existent in a period where the Mossad and military services seemed to perceive that a period of military dominance had crippled Hamas to a point of impotency.

The same type of assumptions were made in 1982 and as this article by Kristen E. Schulze, Perceptions and Misperceptions: Influences on Israeli Intelligence Estimates During the 1982 Lebanon War, highlights, the Israeli government was not infallible then as they are now. This key quote from this review of the failures of that era appear pertinent now:

It is inevitable that the gathering as well as the evaluation of any data will be influenced by the psychological character of the intelligence officer. Images, perceptions, world view, ideological bias and wishful thinking all help to determine which facts the observer will notice and which he will ignore. They also influence the importance attached to selected data and the patterns drawn. Indeed, actors in the “game” of intelligence do not respond to the objective reality but to their individual subjective perception of that reality.

Israeli intelligence officers were not immune to the influence of these human propensities. In their deliberations they too have tended to convey to each other oversimplified images embodied in long-standing ideological stereotypes instead of seeking to apply to the issue at hand varied concepts derived from open-minded inquiry. 26Subtley intelligence became politicized by unquestioned policy assumptions. Israeli intelligence repeated mistakes the US had made only a few years earlier in the case of Iran where “long standing US attitudes towards the Shah inhibited intelligence collecting, dampened policy makers’ appetite for analysis . . . and deafened policy makers to the warnings implicit in available current intelligence.” 27

(emphasis mine)

As the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) begin their ground incursion into the Gaza strip, imagine their shock when all of the strategies from the Korean War, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and throughout history are introduced to and at the poor conscripts serving in their military.

There will be children and pets with bombs strapped to them. There will be Israeli, American, European, and other citizens being used as human shields, beheaded, hung, and booby trapped in the tunnels of Gaza. There will be mines everywhere, designed to kill, maim, and injure not just Israeli soldiers but the civilians of Gaza with Israel taking the blame. The theory is that that will enter as blinded, enraged bulls with no mercy for the “innocent.”

Sadly I fear their strategy will be to make this ground offensive so horrific and time consuming that for one or two months, the news will only be filled with the disgusting images of maimed innocents and dying soldiers. All dying tunnel by tunnel, pile of rubble by rubble, from snipers and in firefights throughout the entire wastelands of that region.

Hamas, and Iran, knows that this is their final chance to bring down the West and Israel in one shot before the Islamist nations develop an effective nuclear threat. There is no more time for their hit and run terrorist tactics. Suicide bombers will seem tame compared to the horrific scenes the average twenty year old Israeli soldier will be forced to engage in. I fear this darkness might finally lead to an Islamic revolution against the West, even if Iran is “sacrificed” as a martyr state in the process.

The problem is that the Western mindset is in the “nation-state” model of global societal structure. For the Islamic, or more accurately Islamist, the ideal is a global nation unified to serve Allah and political structures shall be forced to accommodate this belief. Thus if a seemingly Western state like Turkey faces the choice of alignment with the West or falling in line against with the Islamic movement, they will play the middle and propose support for the “poor martyrs” while profiteering from Western gullibility to preserve their own power.

It will not matter how many bombs, how many aircraft or aircraft carriers, cities or nations are lost in the process. If the Islamist mindset succeeds in this conflict, the weakness displayed by Israel and the West will be viewed by the average Muslim as Allah’s will against the infidel.

This mindset has not changed in over 1500 years, thus I fear it will not change now. The holocaust is about to happen again; this time, sadly, it will be broadcast on social and broadcast media for the world to see.

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  1. Daniel Barger Daniel Barger 10/11/2023

    Islam, just like the communist left, is amazingly resolute in their devotion to achieving their goals. For islam that is the death of all nonmuslims. For the left it’s the death or subjugation of the entire world. And no matter how many setbacks they suffer they never swerve from achieving the goal. And both groups have only one rule…WIN! By whatever means required. Death, destruction, pain and suffering are all perfectly acceptable to both groups, especially if those suffering these are other people. Normal people simply cannot grasp this type of fanaticism. They get distracted, tired, bored. Eventually they stop fighting the fight against the enemies of civilization. And that’s why we will lose. The winner of any conflict will always be the party that refuses to surrender. Nether islam nor communism will ever give up and go away willingly.

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