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Another Day, Another Body Slam to the US Dollar

It’s almost as if every major overseas player and some American big boys are trying to escape from the dollar as if they know what a clown show the Biden administration will be. Why? Here’s the chart of the common US Dollar Index again for the last 24 hours:

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The deep, dirty, dark secret the fakestream media, especially on so-called financial news channels are desperate to promote is that the Biden regime will be “moderate” and will not behave like Obama or other leftist leaders in the past.

I agree with that statement.

Biden’s regime will be far worse and in fact the “big money” globally knows that the CCP style crony capitalism he will impose will result in a weakening of the US economy by maintaining an iron boot on entrepreneurs while blaming everyone but their actions for the stale if not perpetual negative growth.

Of course with the appointments Biden is talking about putting into his cabinet, I’m fairly certain his junta will adopt the Obama’s program of just fictionalizing and constantly revising economic data to fit his political agenda also.

If everyone is fleeing the dollar, then someone knows what a nightmare lies ahead. All one has to do is read the recently passed budget plus the NDAA to realize that the dollar is not just doomed, but about to be torched by bigger clowns than we have had in power the last thirty years.

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