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Apparently Illegal Aliens Can get Covid Money This Time

Everyone, please. Take your blood pressure medication. Paint a unicorn. Pet your dog. Take a walk.

Drink a lot of alcohol.

Because based on my first reading of the nightmare portion of Pigulus 2020 aka the CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE AND RELIEF SUPPLEMENTAL APPROPRIATIONS ACT, 2020, and this story from the Wall Street Journal tonight, illegal alien households can obtain the $600 per individual tax rebate provided the head of household does in fact have a ‘valid’ taxpayer ID number.

From the WSJ article:

Direct Payments

The legislation would authorize a second round of economic-impact payments, following the checks Americans received in the spring and summer, at a cost of $166 billion.

Households would receive $600 for each adult and $600 for each dependent, instead of $1,200 and $500, respectively, in the first round. Mixed-status households, where some people are ineligible noncitizens, would get payments based on the number of eligible people in the households, as opposed to being shut out as they were in the first round.

Of course determining this fact with our flawed Treasury Department and lack of enforcement funding for the Customs and Border Patrol along with our immigration attorneys means there is almost zero chance any illegal alien will never be caught once that check is cashed. The majority of illegal aliens use non-bank entities to cash their checks so a check from the government would be viewed just like any other welfare disbursement and cashed accordingly.

If President Trump does not veto this nightmare, which I am still reviewing, then he deserves to be remembered as a President in history like Carter or Buchanan. Trump must veto this steaming pile and force the left and the RINOs to come back into town on New Year’s Eve to vote for an override.

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