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April 5-6 Russia-Ukraine War 15:00 UTC UPDATE: Ukrainian Fuel Shortages Soon?

There has been a lot of propaganda by both sides of the conflict in the past few days about the alleged slaughter of civilians in Ukraine by withdrawing Russian forces. It well could have happened. But I will stay open minded on this subject because let us remember that those promoting it have their own agenda.

Plus the primary reporting has been the Ukrainian government, American government, and British/Euro cabal.

As late as yesterday the following statement was issued by the Pentagon before being yanked back to fit with the “narrative” the White House demanded:

I used a screen shot because this version of the story, still up as of 22:00 UTC on April 5th, may well “disappear” under pressure from Western powers:

Pentagon can’t independently confirm atrocities in Ukraine’s Bucha, official says


“The Pentagon can’t independently and single handedly confirm that, but we’re also not in any position to refute those claims.”

In other words a non-denial denial type of situation where once again they are playing both sides of the fence. Trust no commentary or “news” from either side in this war nor those nations which stand to profit from the overthrow of Putin either. Russia probably did commit these atrocities, but with the West electing to bypass the war crimes being committed by the government in Kiev, does that mean we have to turn a blind eye to that also?

The myths of Russian military invincibility are being shattered daily. With the announcement today that the United States will indeed supply the Ukrainians with the 600 model of the Switchblade loitering munition, along with Slovakia sending armored cars and Soviet era T-72M tanks, it would appear that the acceleration to a much wider global conflict has begun. Russia might indeed have to declare war and begin a full mobilization.

On to the updates and once again, I shall provide Telegram updates also as the sources there are superior to Twitter and the web message boards.

04.06.22 22:00 UTC UPDATE:

More video of shelling against Ukrainian positions in Mariupol:

The attacks on other cities is continuing this evening:

The second tweet shows the spoils of war:

I shall post a new thread for the 7th later on this evening, energy permitting.

04.06.22 15:00 UTC UPDATE:

The fuel depot assaults may well cripple Ukraine in more ways than one. It makes any sane person wonder why they were not taken out during the first week of the conflict.

Either Russian military leaders are incompetent, willfully insane, or just suffering from a lack of intelligence. Regardless, what idiot orders troops to dig trenches near Chernobyl???

Apparently someone in Moscow is figuring out that targeting the Ukrainian rail network might be a good idea. A tad late, but militarily wise (from TASS):

Russian senator takes swipe at NATO’s increased weapons shipments to Ukraine


He believes that the huge Ukrainian railway network will unavoidably be used for the shipment of weapons.

“If Western Europe fails to understand that it must not ship weapons in such volumes, then, of course, response measures will follow,” Dzhabarov said.

Sort of weird the Ukrainian rail system was disabled during week one also.

There appears to be some RuAF activity still, limited as it has been:

Russian launching Onyx (Bastion) coastal missile systems from Crimea at targets in Ukraine. Crank the sound up to hear the funky launch sound that these missiles make during launch phase:

Here is someone speaking some harsh truth:

More later on gang if I’m feeling up to it. This China virus is kicking my ass energy wise.

Kramatorsk is soon to become the eye of the storm in the east of Ukraine:

More action to come in the east:

Mariupol, the final days are under way for what’s left of the Ukrainian forces:

Also using their 152 mm howitzers in direct fire mode in Mariupol does reduce the opposition and buildings quickly:

This just after video which emerged over the weekend showing the surrender of 267 Ukrainian marines:

Yet some pro-Kiev source insist this is not real. OSINT Technical does a good job of shooting that myth down:

Tonight in Novomoskovsk it would appear the Russians found another fuel depot or other important target to hit:

It would appear that the Russian electronic systems might be a tad over rated:

Popsana appears to be under Russian control now, which is another key city to close the salient and seal the fate of the Ukrainian military in the east of the country:

Like I said, both sides violate human rights and the “rules” of war:

More as the news dictates with another update here in the morning.

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