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As Biden Lies, Children Die

The cover of the New York Post hardly does justice to the incredible humanitarian crisis happening at the Kabul airport and throughout the nation of Afghanistan at this time.

However, a video from Sky News in the U.K. speaks volume as to how incompetent every member of President Biden’s team truly is:

Every child who dies at this airport is now the responsibility of President Biden. Just like everyone who died from 9/11/01 forward was assigned to President George W. Bush, Joe Biden’s incompetence makes Bush look like Einstein.

As if not enough shame has been forced on our military because of Secretary of Defense General Drag Show Lover, this photo today sums up just how far our nation has fallen:

After seeing this on social media today, watching a bunch of terrorists wearing American gear humiliate the elite in our military, the U.S. Marine Corps, I guarantee that there is a lot of anger from Parris Island to Pendleton and in the heart of every Marine in the U.S.A.

Yet Grandpa Applesauce Chin has no clue. He’s on vacation, then not on vacation in Delaware; then again on vacation and again today, not on vacation.

The clueless son of a bitch has been on vacation since 2009, but no one wants to admit it but former President Obama when he said:

“Joe Biden could “f*** things up”

The UK Sun via Politico August 15, 2020

And so he has.

People have died. A lot more people will die. And as a result, America will now fade into the sunset as a relevant power for some time to come as Joe Biden, confused as ever, debates what flavor of ice cream to eat.

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