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Balloongate: Biden Junta and Pentagon Lied about Chinese Balloon

I know, I know, everyone is stunned.

Shocked I’m telling you shocked.

Here is the shocking, I know stunning news that our national leaders and Department of Defense lied again about anything:

Next up:

cBS News reports that President Senile Joe is playing 4D Vulcan chess with the ChiComs because he stole President Trump’s edition of the game when he left it behind in the POTUSHEAD where Trump used to Tweet from.

Our nation is a joke. It’s going to take losing a major war and praying we are not partially occupied to reverse so much of this insanity.

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  1. ontoiran ontoiran 02/15/2023

    they HAVE to lie. if they told the truth about how badly they have fucked us, the revolution would begin before the commercial break

    • 02/15/2023

      The worst part about it is that 50% of the public is stupid enough to believe the lie.

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