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Before You Believe One Word from the US Media About Ukraine Watch this Video

100 per day.

Think about that when you watch this video.

This is unsustainable and the West knows it yet refuses to allow realistic negotiations with the Russians. Once the offensive starts, God help those souls. Or is this the West deciding on a new strategy?

Is Washington displaying a hidden desire for a slaughter of the Ukrainian military to sell as propaganda as just how bad those “evil Ruskies” really are.

One thing for sure, the Ukrainian people are the ultimate loser, even if Blackrock and the WEF proclaim any type of victory when this war is over.

H/T ayden @squatsons on Twitter for finding this revealing video.

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  1. Chris Nelson Chris Nelson 01/13/2023

    It’s a sacrifice of Slavs to Ba’al.

    • 01/13/2023

      Sadly, I think you’re on to something. It serves no purpose except to establish a new order in the West.

  2. Chuck C Chuck C 01/16/2023

    The people are just innocent fodder to this fight to keep the secrets of the American biolabs and money laundering operations. Ukraine will be sanitized (aka nuked) before bitem and company allow the dirt on the Congress to fall into Russian hands.

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