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Biden’s Kabul Disaster Could Last Until September 11th or Much, Much Longer

The headline is not a lie. The Taliban government has given all Western powers, including the United States, until September 11, 2021 to remove all of their citizens and approved Afghan citizens from the country.

Originally the State Department and Pentagon said that citizens and SIV’s (Aghan citizens and their families with special visas) had until August 31st to make it to airport but tonight they said they will probably be extending the military’s stay beyond that deadline. Why is this important? Listen to the absolute clown who is the United States Secretary of Defense:

Why is this a crisis? Check out this story from the UK Daily Mail about the number of Americans inside Afghanistan:

Defense officials say they’ll save 5,000 a day from Kabul but ‘up to 40,000’ Americans remain stranded: Taliban fighters close in on airport after taking ALL access points which forces US troops to negotiate with them on who gets in

What does this mean to these people? A lot of the people work for NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) at our government’s behest. It could be a medical group, education group, or just civil engineers contracted out to repair buildings, build roads, etc. There are also religious groups with volunteers in the country and of course, military contractors who were training and aiding the Afghan military. The military contractors are considered a prime target for retaliation by the Taliban but a low concern at the moment as seizing the former group would be easier for them.

At no time did the Department of Defense or State Department mention their could be upwards of 80,000 Afghan citizens who qualify for evacuation but at this point it is probably too late with the Taliban checkpoints ringing the Kabul airport.

How will is our State Department and military doing today evacuating Afghans and U.S. citizens after the Sunday debacle? Also from the UK Daily Mail tonight:

Massive US cargo planes are taking off with just 100 passengers from Kabul – despite ability to carry 600 – as Taliban close off airport making entry impossible for Afghans – amid fears thousands of westerners will end up HOSTAGES

Excerpt from the article above:

In one shocking case, a German plane with room for 150 departed Kabul on Tuesday with just seven on board.

Thus the “diplomats” are now desperate to negotiate with the Taliban who only recognize Sharia Law which entitles them to take hostages if necessary to thwart infidel actions politically and militarily. As it sits tonight, the Taliban are in a win-win moment, but they may well not be the biggest victors if a hostage situation begins and thousands of American and European civilians are held for crimes against Islam.

Assuming after weeks of this drama, the Taliban are able to consolidate enough of their power to get a firm grip on 85% of the nation. At the same time as the last U.S. and European soldiers depart Afghan territory, hundreds if not thousands of Westerners show up in Kabul; on television, crying and begging for help from their respective nations.

Instead of making “hostage” videos like those many of us remember from 1979 Tehran, the individuals apologize but a new diplomatic initiative is undertaken to free the hostages. After a few weeks of diplomatic theater, the Taliban agree to release all of the European citizens. After a big show of humanitarian treatment by the Taliban, then all of them board Russian transport planes from Kabul to fly back to Moscow, then on to their homes throughout Europe. Almost as if this was scripted by Vladimir Putin to win favor with Western Europe at the expense of relations with Joe Biden. If this were to play out, the new Afghan government will likely receive spare parts and training for their aged Russian equipment if not some replacements to embolden the Taliban further.

Of course, that will not be the only dramatic hostage rescue video Americans and Europeans will see play out on television. The fiasco at the Pentagon briefing today all but verifies this:

Of course the brilliant souls in the video above could not answer how Americans near Herat or Jalalabad are supposed to cross a country filled with hostile tribal and Taliban checkpoints to get back to Kabul, much less across the city itself without incident.

Thus why the humiliation must continue longer for the American citizens and government. The Taliban see this as redeeming the “honor” of Islam against a tyrannical infidel. Thus why at some point closer to September 11th, the negotiations will end and the U.S. will have no choice but to either dramatically increase the number of troops into the tens of thousands and essentially re-occupy Afghanistan or leave. Either scenario hands the Taliban a win and even this clueless administration know this fact. With the obvious lack of testicular fortitude in our State Department and Pentagon, the U.S. will leave Afghanistan as instructed with our tails between our legs.

The door will be opened for a ‘neutral’ third party to negotiate on behalf of the U.S. Government to find and or free any remaining U.S. citizens. Think about who that might be and a hint; it will not be Switzerland or the Vatican.

If world events flow they way they have been the past four months, odds are all of our nation will get to witness hundreds, perhaps thousands, of American citizens “rescued after negotiations” departing cargo and passenger planes, obtaining what appears to be first class medical attention, then put up in five star hotels while be treated to lavish banquets to amplify how much the diplomatic corps of this third party nation cares about these “hostages” they secured the release of:

In Beijing, China.

Imagine the propaganda victory of President Xi’s government securing the release of every American citizen before Thanksgiving out of a hostile nation like Taliban run Afghanistan. Then imagine the humiliation for our countryman of a broadcast phone call from President Harris (or maybe Biden) thanking the Communist Chinese government for securing our citizens.

Such an event would so diminish America’s reputation in the world, alliances will be shaken if not broken and our influence weakened so greatly that it might take decades to recover, if ever. But that is not the final slap in America’s face by the Taliban government.

The day PLAA aircraft begin landing at Bagram, seizing effective air supreiority of the region and preventing any retaliatory air attack by U.S. or NATO forces, will be the true end of this crisis. This guarantees that Senile Joe Biden will be remembered as a worst version of Jimmy Carter in this era, accelerating the sunset of America’s global influence and empire.

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