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Canuckistan: A Failed Nation State to Our North (Video)

When British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec elected Trudeau I knew that Canada would not only accelerate into becoming a shell of its once great nation, but now?

It is rapidly trying to out-France, France. Loserville would be a compliment for this parriah to the north, living under the protection of billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars (let’s face it, they haven’t won a Stanley Cup this century).

This video though takes the cake. I though I had seen it all, but no, the false claims about inventing basketball and the proud announcement of their diversity is just a bit too much to take.

When I say “diversity” I do not mean the various native inhabitants, I am talking about sexual, metro-sexual, “immigrants” and everything else; just like our Marxist liberals brag about.

Too bad it looks like President Trump will not get four more years. It would appear a bigger wall on the northern border is needed more.

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