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Does the Wall Street Journal Finally have an Intelligent Warhawk?

The editorial in Sunday’s Wall Street Journal by Elbridge Colby and Oriana Skylar Mastro was actually an insightful piece of analysis:

Ukraine Is a Distraction From Taiwan

The key excerpt from a well thought out piece:

The U.S. can no longer afford to spread its military across the world. The reason is simple: an increasingly aggressive China, the most powerful state to rise in the international system since the U.S. itself. By some measures, China’s economy is now the world’s largest. And it has built a military to match its economic heft. Twenty-five years ago, the Chinese military was backward and obsolete. But extraordinary increases in Beijing’s defense budget over more than two decades, and top political leaders’ razor-sharp focus, have transformed the People’s Liberation Army into one of the strongest militaries the world has ever seen.

This is an editorial well worth reading. While not retreating from the warhawk positions of the Bush-Obama-Trump regime underlings, the article points out what I highlighted in my piece The End of Empire in 2022, the truth is that the United States is no longer a global superpower able to sustain multi-front wars nor “global policing” abilities in the modern era.

The editorial adds one more key sentence:

The U.S. has no hope of competing with China and ensuring Taiwan’s defense if it is distracted elsewhere.

Sadly, that is the truth. The United States is no longer the world’s policeman, nor is it capable of defending every nation it decrees that are in its self-interest. Sadly, the American public is about to pay a dear price in either blood or gold, for the arrogance of the political and economic elites.

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