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Fighting Flares up In Ukraine, One Ukrainian Soldier Reportedly Killed by Russian backed Forces

by John Galt
18.02.2020 05:30 ET

The hotbed known as the Donbas region flared up again this morning as both sides accused the other of violating the ceasefire agreement in the Zolote area where a shaky peace has once again been violated.

According to the BBC, one Ukrainian soldier was killed and President Zelensky has convened the Ukrainian Security Council to discuss the next course of action:

Ukraine’s military says its forces on the eastern frontline have come under heavy rebel shelling, with one soldier killed and four wounded.

But Russian-backed rebels say troops tried to break through their lines and got caught in a minefield, with two killed and three wounded.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky is convening a meeting of his Security Council to assess the flare-up.

This would be a less than ideal time for this region to become hot again as the lack of coherent European leadership invites a smoldering conflict to become somewhat hotter, while at the same time the world is fighting another problem from China.

For a point of reference, in the video below from the Ukrainian government, soldiers can be seen building checkpoints and fortifications in the Zolote region in late 2019:

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