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First they came for Alex Jones, then Trump, now Rush

Way back when Alex Jones first was attacked by the tech tyrants, I supported his right to be heard and make a living, even though it was also within their rights as private corporations to dictate who can use their resources. His outright banning in violation of their own terms of service was but a brief illustration of what was to come after the 2018 elections.

The fascists then took it a step further, lied to Congress, and of course claimed that “free speech” is all that matters in numerous hearings.

As I warned about in the more recent article from last year, The Death of, the upcoming wave of internet censorship on the way to America’s shore would shock those who are of a civil libertarian mindset, yet few paid heed.

The news about President Trump being banned on all social media platforms except Parler has been widely reported. Numerous conservative account are also being purged in Twitter and Facebook’s version of the Night of the Long Knives and by morning, I am sure I will be gone from the wasteland of Twitter also.

Of course, in true pathetic form however, Twitter decided to delete the account of America’s most famous conservative voice, Rush Limbaugh. A man who is on his death bed, who will not be with us much longer, and only joined Twitter to support his friend, the President of the United States.

UPDATE 01.08.21 23:15ET: And it appears he was not deleted, he deleted the account himself. Rush is gone as fast as he arrived, obviously, because he observed, the sewer of Twitter just isn’t worth it when censorship reigns supreme.

Here is the relevant update:

The Marxists are getting more appalling by the day. They know not who they are messing with. While Rush may not be with America much longer, the days of “COEXIST” are coming to a close, and “unity” will be viewed as nothing but a catch phrase for a Pepsi commercial.

One side will win, although it will be a long fight.

It will not be the globalist technocracy.

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