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Her Name was Ashli Babbit, USAF Veteran

Ashli Babbit was an unarmed protester who was shot and killed by the U.S. Capitol Police inside the House of Representatives Rotunda today.

I pray for her family and all who know her, even though I do not.

The mainstream media will undoubtedly portray this poor woman as a fringe lunatic because she dared to trespass in Nancy Pelosi’s imperial palace.

In truth, she just wanted her voice heard, something which is now being ignored by America’s elites not just on a daily basis, but for decades now.

From KUSI, San Diego:

I am certain her husband is mortified by what has happened today. Her friends and family have suffered a great loss.

She was a fourteen year United States Air Force veteran who served four tours as a high level security officer which means she was not some right wing radical who sat in a cabin in northern Idaho preparing for the great hoards of U.N. troops coming from Canada.

According to witnesses on the scene, she was just shot and killed; she was not warned, she was not told to submit, she was not instructed to yield to law enforcement, she was simply killed in cold blood.

The Praetorian Guard of Washington will never admit wrong doing, will never acknowledge their guilt, and will never apologize to her husband or family.

Instead, she will become the poster child for the radical left which is about to take power in our nation, accelerated by the likes of Pence, McConnell, and elites who disregard those who fight for our freedoms and the feelings of the unwashed masses.

Her name was Ashli Babbit.

Never forgive them, never forget her name.

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