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Here is Why there is an Ammunition Shortage

Is it because the government is buying up all of the ammunition?

Is it because the Department of Defense is preparing for war?

Is it because the “powers that be” are initiating back door gun control?

How about the real reason, as illustrated in the great blog The Truth About Guns and this story today:

Americans Bought More Than 21 Million New Guns in 2020, Up 60% Over 2019


Americans stocked up on firearms last year to the tune of over 21 million rifles, pistols and shotguns. That’s a whopping 60% increase of the number sold last year and proof positive that when it comes to defending themselves and their families, people across the country decided in 2020 that relying on local governments and law enforcement — especially given what they were seeing on their televisions — wasn’t a good idea.

That many? Yeah, that many:

I’m not an expert, but let’s assume if each new firearm owner purchased say a minimal 50 round box of ammunition each, that would come to a total of an additional 1,050,000,000 rounds of ammunition on top of normal average demand for all firearm owners through 2019.

Obviously, that is a mind boggling figure, but let’s downsize the assumption to only purchasing 25 rounds each as new firearms owner. That would still be 525 million rounds on top of normal average 2019 demand.

With those kind of numbers, it’s no wonder former President Obama lost his title as “Firearms Salesman of the Year” and the reality of what is happening now is setting in as a greater reset appears to have been sensed by the population.

This isn’t hard to figure out folks. The American citizenry, at least the smart ones, have determined that America is not preparing for a major “crime wave” to sweep the nation.

Instead, it would appear that the average Joe (and Jane) is preparing for what the 2nd Amendment was originally intended for.

(Hint: Tyranny)

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