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How Bad is It Going for the Ukrainian Military? (Video)

I will allow my readers to decide.

Granted, this video is from a Russian network and some degree of propaganda is to be expected. Yet the loss of Soledar, and other territories, including Mine Number 7 outside of Soledar tonight are an indication that the lack of sustainable defensive positions is beginning to take its toll on the Ukrainian defenders.

If one listens to the English translation about “city fighting” one has to realize that the experience matters and to stomach what the “Musicians” just inflicted on the Ukrainians is something than an 18 year old grunt in the new politically correct US military would not handle very well.

We are one to two full years behind mobilizing and developing experienced soldiers to match the Wagner PMC much less the VDV outside of our Special Forces and Airborne troops. If America, and NATO elects to confront this threat head on in Western Ukraine in the weeks ahead, the disaster which would befall the world is terrifying as the West does not have the stomach nor conventional forces for a prolonged fight.

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