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IF the Biden Junta Will Lie about Military Service Dogs Being left to the Taliban, What Lies Will They Tell About Abandoned Americans?

First and foremost, I do not blame any mid-level officer or NCO for this. This is done by the political glory hounds who are full birds or higher in rank wishing to kiss the regime’s ass. They use the same excuse as the Wehrmacht and SS officers of World War II where they just say “we were following orders” instead of saying fuck it and doing what it is right.

What do I mean?

When the first reports of contractor service dogs for the military being left in cages at the Kabul airport first came out last night I was skeptical. I am a huge animal lover and only adopt from shelters because there are enough scumbags buying pedigree animals for fighting or just getting tired of them and leaving them in the Everglades to be eaten by alligators or pythons (re: Miami area thugs).

Then the news started to be verified. One group falsely attacked Glenn Beck, another claimed that the animals were in good care, but the truth finally hit social media and my fellow readers and animal lovers, you tell me; does this look like animals who served our soldiers are going to do well against the Taliban and the weapons we left them:

The slimeball known as political opportunist Admiral John Kirby, the Pentagon’s lead propagandist, tried to walk it back with this statement which requires massive parsing for facts:

“To correct erroneous reports, the U.S. Military did not leave any dogs in cages at Hamid Karzai International Airport, including the reported military working dogs. Photos circulating online were animals under the care of the Kabul Small Animal Rescue, not dogs under our care.”

The only fact? Yes, they were under the care of the animal rescue. The missing fact though is a huge one; because these dogs were provided by a contractor so in the bullshit world of the liars in D.C. these are not “technically” military working dogs, they just sort of collected a paycheck on the Pentagon payroll.

You know, sort of like Mohammed.

Mohammed can not provide his last name for obvious reasons.

He and his family are among the most hunted people in all of Afghanistan. Why?

From the U.K. Daily Mail today:

Biden abandons Afghan interpreter who RESCUED him when his Blackhawk was forced to land in a snowstorm in 2008: Translator asked president to save him from the Taliban

My friends who read this blog, this is correct. The asshole-in-chief who calls himself the President (not my President), has abandoned the man who helped save his life in 2008. From the article:

‘Hello Mr. President: Save me and my family,’ Mohammed said, according to the Wall Street Journal.  ‘Don’t forget me here.’

‘I can’t leave my house,’ he said on Tuesday. ‘I’m very scared.’ 

Mohammed’s visa application reportedly stalled when the defense contractor he worked for lost records needed for his visa application. As the Taliban seized control on Aug. 15, Mohammed tried his luck at the Kabul airport gates but was turned away by US forces. They told him he could go but he’d have to leave behind his wife and children. 

US soldiers say Mohammed was there alongside them for over 100 firefights. 

Now a man who helped numerous U.S. soldiers, saved the life of a future President (not my President), and God knows how many U.S. soldier’s lives he saved, has been abandoned and in all likelihood will be executed after being tortured while watching his family die.

President Joe Biden’s reaction?

Ask the innocent dogs who just did their job to protect American soldiers.

Which are also about to be shot by the Taliban.

Just like many of the Americans and allies Biden abandoned for his own personal political glory.

May Satan enjoy your soul “Mr. President,” you deserve to rot in hell.

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