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If You Have Faith in Our Government, This Will Destroy It

by John Galt
15.02.2020 00:00 ET

First, let us all enjoy this great news story courtesy of WINK-TV in Fort Myers/Naples, FL:

The card they were given? Yeah, similar to this one:

So they landed in Newark, NJ, then presumably Fort Myers, FL and had contact with how many people while possibly asymptomatic? Remember, this disease is contagious regardless if you display symptoms or not and that means odds are they flew on a plane from New Jersey to Florida without any type of personal protection and sharing their germs with over 150 plus people on an airplane!

The two travelers also thought the government health department would be in touch with them after they have been home for over a week. There apparently has been no tracking of their movements or activities in the mean time, nor documentation if they have been in touch with other friends or family members in the area. This failure of government to enact and engage in basic common sense measures is how pandemics spread and eventually create larger problems for society as a whole.

Yeah, depend on the government. Great advice. This is snowballing into a furball faster than anyone ever imagined.

It think tonight might just be a good night to re-watch The Stand.

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