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Keep Your Head on a Swivel for Major Breaking News Within the Next 72 Hours

UPDATED 15:10 UTC 26.06.22-

The unusual nature of Putin’s late night dash to the Kremlin has caused the tabloid press in the United Kingdom to finally take note this morning(from the UK Daily Mail):

Putin’s blue-light dash to the Kremlin: Police convoy races Russian leader to mystery late-night meeting in Moscow seat of power after agreeing to share nuclear-capable missiles with Lukashenko

And the UK Telegraph:

Russia strikes Kyiv hours after Vladimir Putin rushed to Kremlin

I hate to break it to The Telegraph, but A does not necessarily equal B in their weird world of conclusion journalism.

Then of course there is The Sun from the UK trying to use the same new math:

Putin unleashes fresh onslaught on Kyiv, shelling capital hours after rushing to sudden late-night talks at Kremlin

With everything heading to a boil on a global scale, who knows what will happen next, but I will be monitoring as much as I can throughout the day to update my readers.

01:25 UTC 26.06.22

Rarely do I just take a single tweet or two, a single news item, etc. to heart. But for the current situation with things getting very dicey in the Taiwan Straits, Syria heating up by the hour including a potential conflict between Russian and US forces, plus the current NATO nightmare over Kaliningrad, then the following video could be a major cause for concern of something big about to happen.

For Vladimir Putin to rush to the Kremlin five just about 5 hours ago at 11:30 PM Moscow time on a Saturday night is unusual. In fact the last time I remember seeing video of old Vladimir heading into the Kremlin late at night was at the beginning of the Ukraine war.

The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, has denied any upcoming statements from the Kremlin or Putin are coming tonight; the key word being “tonight” as stated via TASS on their Telegram channel:

“Dmitry Peskov has refuted the assumptions spread by a number of telegram channels that the head of state, Vladimir Putin, arrived in the Kremlin in the evening to allegedly make some kind of emergency statement.”

Stay tuned as things could get much more interesting such as the beginning of a Chinese action against Taiwan or Russia declaring a mass mobilization over the crisis in Kaliningrad.

May we live in interesting times, indeed.

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