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Lettuce Reflect on the Career of Prime Minister Truss in the UK

There has been a lot of vitriol in the leftist British media directed at Liz Truss and her disastrous, albeit brief, reign as Prime Minister. It became such a joke that The Star, one of the wilder tabloids even posted a live 24/7 video of a head of lettuce from the grocery chain Tesco to see if it or the Prime Minister would last longer.

Apparently the head of lettuce was able to produce more results than Ms. Truss.

Upon reflection, her jumbled salad of a political approach had left her entire team in a pickle. The lack of a cohesive program meant any proposal she made would be squash(ed) and allowed to rot like yesterday’s melon at the curb.

The inability to work with the globalists meant that her thin onion skin would never be able to absorb the chopping up like cabbage the UK media would layer on her. The dressing down began within days of her taking office in fact, never giving her a chance to bloom nor the Brits a chance to enjoy the fruits of her labor.


She couldn’t even get her cabinet to blend together before being covered by cheesy journalists with a cornucopia of nonsense about her policies. Hopefully this does not impact the celery of any of her hand picked crew.

To Ms. Truss, I wish you salad, may your reign of 44 days be remembered as a Green Goddess of a blessing to the British people and not some French dressing which spoils the flavor of your rule in short order.

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