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My 2023 Rantumus Maximus

Since I’m paying for this time and space and have been building up an entire year of rage, disgust, anger, nausea, and fear for our future as a functioning nation and the world, I have decided to vent. From now on, I might reveal some insane rantings on my blog, but will save all of the best, all of the worst, everything for an annual rant which I have declared in the title above.

This may or may not help my blood pressure, who freaking knows, but I will warn you now that it not a narrative, not a story, and not a structured discussion. As the rant hits my fingers, I shall translate those into words via my keyboard. Said keyboard could end up as a range target if it continues to seize up however after years of use and abuse.

First and foremost, my biggest gripe is not about politics, economics, or the culture. It’s about the terminally stupid. For God’s sake people it is 2023 and there are souls still wearing masks by themselves, in cars, or walking down sidewalks. Worse, I see the young “hipster” generation with there Amish copycat ragged beards walking around stores wearing cloth masks so they can proclaim loudly “I’m a sheep and watch MSNBC or CNN” while thinking they are protecting their fellow citizen from a disease which kills less than 0.5% of the population. All of you are effing morons.

Another interesting aspect of what I have observed is that there is a large percentage of the population still believes that the political class has their best interests at heart. If one is not a member of the “Democrat tribe” or “Republican clan” then the opinion of the independent does not matter. I am an independent, not a member of either party. I’ve supported the policies of Florida Governor DeSantis but am I cult follower like some of the Trump supporters? Hell no. I do not trust any of them and always verify what they do, not what they say.

Of course the best one lately is the group of losers in the economics arena, politics, and business who are all blaming the average American citizen for inflation and not the Fed, not their policies, nor the fact that they have decided to rig the old capitalist system into a giant private-public partnership for their own personal profit and power. Piss on all of you, we didn’t print it, we didn’t vote for it. Eggs are absurdly priced but it’s the Avian Flu? Bullshit. Beer is up 25% per case but it’s because of a carbon dioxide shortage? Double bullshit. Health insurance costs are up over 800% since Obamacare went into effect but its because of old people who hate the poor? Fuck off.

But by God we deserve the consequences of it for voting for you morons and the blowback is coming you selfish pieces of human garbage as our Republic begins to fall faster.

Speaking of idiots, the people who thought that the Chinese balloon was a pre-emptive EMP strike this week, please, get back on your medications. Gang, you will not get any warning when and if this happens. It just will and it’s pretty sad you’re trying to sell your survival gear using this. By the way, all of the same survival gear is available via the Amazon links I’ve posted on my website to the right as I am an authorized Amazon Associates website.

Of course everyone on TikTok, social media, and the government knows better about everything and anything. While athletes from age 16 to 30 drop dead on the playing field, we are all supposed to believe that this had not one damned thing to do with a Covid vaccine which is untested, unproven, and no long term studies apparently are ongoing. But by God how dare you question the Lords of Science if you say “I think I am good and will pass on this one.” The jury is out on this one but shut the hell up if you think I have to “take” this shot and suffer like you because if we all suffer together it is better for the “public good” as a nation. Go piss off you little lunatics.

Another major source of red-ass for me in the last year or so is the group that says we all have to put a Ukraine flag in our profile and proclaim loyalty to war.

Yeah, like that moron.

I have no “side” in this unnecessary war but feel that those who still think Ukraine can win are the same ones who snort Hunter’s leftovers in his crack pipe. Military reality is about to take over this year and in truth, if Putin is smart, he will put the fear of Mars into our woketard forces of NATO and annihilate the Ukrainian military by summer of this year. In the end, that might be the only way to wake the West up from its decadent decline into self-indulgent stupidity designed to satisfy non-existent minorities like the they/them trans-bisexual non-binary puppy farms which roam our Pentagon and government freak show now.

Of course one could not talk about freak shows without talking about drug use. I’m an old school libertarian. I could care less if people get high. I could care less if you overdose on Chinese fentanyl infused heroin. Hell, if you die in your own puke heaving everything you ate for two days because you wanted to smoke, shoot up, or snort something, let me make this clear:


But do not ask me to pay for your habit. Do not ask me to pay for your “right” to get fucked up. Do not demand I pay for your funeral. There are times when I go into work at the office at 5:00 a.m. before I head to the other coast. I’m driving through some middle to lower middle class neighborhoods at 30-40 mph. For me to smell weed at that time of morning tells me America has a problem. Do not expect me to pay for your problem. Get high, great, I don’t care. Get high and die? Great, as long as you do not injure someone else. Just shut the hell up about your right to demand “we” the average people to pay for it.

Now on to sports. Not because it is important, but it is a reflection of the ascension or decline of a culture and civilization.

The NFL has turned into the Tampax league. I’m old enough to remember when nasty individuals like Lyle Alzado and Conrad Dobler set the standard on how to deal with opposing players. In high school my entire game was based on Lyle’s upper cut into the solar-flex of an offensive linemen and my coach just said “don’t get caught and make the tackle.” Shake hands after a tackle or great block? Never. Wear rainbow or pink socks to honor some fruitcake social justice cause? Hell no. And the new rules? Oh yes, they are “designed” to protect the game with referees who cry when their tidy whiteys run up their butts, but the NFL was structured in the 1970’s to become America’s gladiator competition, not a reason to make the freak shows of America squeal with approval over their woke causes. Tom Brady’s retirement marks the end of an era. The end of American football as real men know it.

On top of that, Major League Baseball has gone full woke also. Now it has become a mish-mash of stupid rules, bad umpiring and for God’s sake the designated hitter in the National League. Thanks but not thanks, I do not want to watch 3 hours of shit pitching against overpaid roided up hitters who kiss the rainbow unicorn to show their personal approval for the MLB commissioner’s and network’s favorite nationally loved freak show cause.

Piss on all of them. Thank God for hockey. For now.

Lastly is the firearms issues. America used to be ruled by real men. Dudes. JAD’s (Just a dude) types who owned a gun to hunt and/or protect his family. A bear shows up trying to enter their home, boom, dead bear. A thug shows up to steal and terrorize his family, boom, dead asshole. Now? The media, the wokesters, and the Blue State pussies have decided that owning a firearm makes you a terrorist. Owning 10 firearms makes you into an anti-American like character even though our Founding Fathers determined it was a necessity for freedom for the individual citizen. To all of you limp-wristed losers who think you will remove America’s right to self-defense I simply say this:

Put on your Depends because we will make you piss yourself if you wish to keep pressing on this issue.

There are many rumors, stories, and theories floating around about a division of the United States. Shut up, please. It will not happen now, but in the next 20 years, yes, it might well. In the mean time, let’s fight for what’s left of what we have, instead of what may well become of our nation. And please, ignore the mainstream media, including Fox News (except for Tucker Carlson), along with all the Trumptard cheerleaders who claim he can save us.

We are on a new path and if you’re not angry about it, you have not been paying attention. And if you hate this post, thank you and fuck you too. I am what I am. Deal with it.

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  1. Bustednuckles Bustednuckles 02/05/2023

    About covers it.
    You also took the words out of my mouth there towards the end.
    If you ain’t furious by now, you ain’t paying attention.
    Oh yeah, you can add NASCAR to the long list of woke fucktards.
    I can tell you exactly what their first mistake was, they started listening to women.

    • 02/06/2023

      Restrictor plate racing. It’s the flag football of racing. It’s turned a man’s sport into woketard boredom and their tv numbers reflect this.

      • Bustednuckles Bustednuckles 02/06/2023

        200 mph parade.

  2. ontoiran ontoiran 02/07/2023


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