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Part 1 of 3: Election Nightmare Prediction Number 1

I thought I would start out with the really bad prediction first so my readers will not have to wade through one large article with all three possibilities listed at once.

After all, what’s the fun in posting doomer porn if one does not post something that causes my reader to stand in line at Costco for 3 hours and a gun show for 3 more to buy supplies?

Before I proceed, let me outline one fact that has not changed in the past twenty years of my life:

I do not just despise, I have burning, loathing hate for both political parties.

They are corrupt whores willing to the bidding of our criminals, international enemies, or whatever financial institution picks them up on a street corner as they work like a slutty hooker in the dark.

More about my vote for the 2020 elections in Part 3 of this series.

This is a true nightmare, not just for the two party system, but for our society as a whole:

With this scenario, the Democrat nominee, Sleepy Joe Biden will win not just an electoral college victory, but the popular vote giving his sycophants and handlers all of the ammunition they need to silence any opposition. No matter how much actual cheating occurs, such a scenario would also indicate a likely loss of the US Senate and expansion of control of the US house.

Needless to say, our Constitution will die in silence while President Biden tremors his way across our history until his eventual replacement(s) are allowed to seize power.

I believe this has about a 30% chance of happening, but will not discount it as his handlers literally have hundreds of millions of dollars to litigate and spend on ensuring his victory.

God help us if this comes true.

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