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Peak Lunacy: Governor Cuomo (D-NY) Requires Santa to Wear a Mask while Delivering Presents

It is still 2020.

And I’m done with it.

Long ago I opined on the radio for the days where I could see a wall built to surround New York City and the movie Escape from New York to become a documentary. Based on this story, we’re going to need a wall along the entire freaking state.

From the grandma killing eugenics loving Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo today:

I kid you not, from the video presentation above:

Either New York is full of 100% morons for electing this idiot or worse, they actually believe the crap he spews as he sends more elderly nursing home patients to their deaths.

Regardless, this has to be the stupidest thing he has said to date.

And that is an accomplishment beyond comprehension.

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