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President Biden Commits US to Starting World War III

0915 UTC

Elections have consequences.

Who can ever forget that famous phrase? When the powers that be installed this current junta many of us warned that despite Trump’s flaws, Senile Joe would destroy this nation and set the world on fire.

While traveling in Asia today, President Biden basically just stated that the U.S. is willing to start World War III with China by declaring the US would defend Taiwan if it is attacked.

The die has been cast.

Needless to say, the reaction from Beijing was rapid and furious:

These are the kind of statements which lead to accidental wars. However with the regime currently in Washington, DC, it is hard to know if they will walk this back or set the world literally further on fire. Despite the idea that the Chinese Communists are in trouble due to Xi’s alleged health issues and their Zero Covid policy, the lack of exports from China is having a direct impact on the global economy and they now have a full understanding of the power they hold over the consumerist nations.

Toss a war on top of that and the shortages plus rapid inflationary impulses the world is enduring now would pale by comparison.

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