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President Donald Trump Concedes: MAGA Died Tonight

At approximately 8:30 p.m. ET on December 27, 2020, it can now be said this is official:

#MAGA is dead.

Numerous reports say it all, but this screenshot says it all…

Sadly it is true. The almost 6,000 page relief bill which would be an abomination in a non-election year is nothing more than a payoff to the Congress and foreign governments who the State Department has determined are worthy of their sponsorship. President Trump put on an apparently phony bravado to appease his “supporters” but in the end, he demonstrated a sad fact about his personality which I warned about before the election and thought he had abandoned.

When the going gets tough, Trump quits.

The signing of this bill does nothing to help the middle or lower class, does nothing to punish leftist politicians for running their pension funds into the ground by granting outrageous government union contracts, does zero with the overblown PPP program which in fact is now hurting small businesses, and worse, surrenders power exclusively held by the Executive Branch regarding command and control of the military to Nancy Freaking Pelosi.

This action means more though for the fading hopes of justice during the Electoral College ballot review and approval by Congress under the supervision of Vice President Mike Pence:

President Trump has conceded.

He will not fight.

He will not spar.

He has quit on the American people and the supporters of MAGA.

I am not going to say “I told you so” because I truly believed that President Trump would go to the mat for his beliefs. I thought that he was a changed man.

Jesus, was I a fool.

President Donald J. Trump behaved just like Apprentice Host Donald J. Trump.

Trump Airlines got into trouble? He quit.

Trump Vodka sales disappointed? He quit.

Trump Steaks flopped? He quit.

Trump Casinos hit hard times? He quit.

Trump Vitamins laughed off the market? He quit..and yes, he did infomercials on it:

Opt out of the recession he says? Mr. Trump, your multi-level marketing pyramid scheme was a huge failure and sadly, history may well judge your Presidency the same way.

President Trump’s biggest failure was to not press the Republican Party and his Federal Law Enforcement agencies to prepare for the election fraud witnessed on a scale unseen since Venezuela’s President Maduro won re-election. Instead, he fell for, as did we the people, the idea that no one would ever cheat on such a massive scale. By failing to do anything about something that was obvious during the 2018 mid-term elections, he has failed his supporters and sadly our nation.

Now that the going is rocky, hard, and tough for his remaining 20 plus days left in office, Trump has quit again.

President Trump, by signing this bill, has unofficially conceded the election and in return, conceded his legacy.

A legacy that will be written by his enemies which now can succeed, unopposed, in destroying what is left of the United States of America.

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