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President Trump’s Only Path: Revenge for 1824

On February 9, 1825 a “Corrupt Bargain” resulted in President John Quincy Adams being declared the winner of the 1824 election. The truth behind his scandalous election via the House of Representatives still resonate 195 years later.

On November 4, 2020, the corrupt Democratic Party in concert with overseas assistance allegedly from China and other financially interested parties technically stole an election from a sitting, popular President Trump, resulting in former Vice-President temporarily leading in the election results.

What do these two events, almost two hundred years apart have in common?

Political parties, like people, rarely change their spots.

The Democrat-Republican Party of 1824 had four candidates which were narrowed down to three when Electoral College vote for President was sent to the House of Representatives as no candidate received the necessary number of electors to win. Speaker of the House Henry Clay, acting against the orders of his state legislature and in violation of the Constitution’s directive that the state legislators have the right to select and direct the vote of said electors, struck what became known as the “corrupt bargain” to become Secretary of State in exchange for his electoral votes to be given to John Quincy Adams so he could become President.

What is at Stake

While this may not sound possible today, it is entirely possible that a grand bargain could occur again and the only path I see at this moment is for the electors sent from those states where obvious fraud to have occurred to be challenged with an alternate slate of electors and ballots from those states. While the Constitutionality of such an action could be challenged in the courts for months, the President of the Senate, aka, Vice-President Mike Pence would be in charge of deciding which of those electoral votes to recognize from said states.

This has happened before in 1876 where the “Grand Compromise” resulted in the end of Reconstruction in exchange for the alternate electors being recognized from the states where fraud occurred, thus there is precedence for this course of action. But at what cost and what would it require for this to happen?

First, the leadership of the Republican Party, for lack of a better term, will have to grow a pair. The GOP will have to take the lead and force its members to recognize that under the current election system the party will cease to be effective much less exist in 70% of the states if this Presidential election result is allowed to stand. This is no longer about public beauty contests or appearing to be loved by the declining influence of a failing mainstream media for the GOP, it is about survival. The sooner the leadership acknowledges this fact, the better the odds they will do the right thing. A failure to recognize the risk and act means that President Donald J. Trump might well be the last Republican President in U.S. history.

The Cover the Republican Weasels Need

For the record, I quit the Republican Party in February of 2004 when then President George W. Bush and the leadership of the party began a push for amnesty for illegal aliens and a more accommodating open border policy which would have had devastating economic impacts on our society. In 2004, I voted for Micheal Badnarik the Libertarian candidate and in 2008 I voted for Bob Barr who was one of the Libertarian Party’s better candidates.

The Party of Weasels needs cover for throwing the elections into the House of Representatives and that is why the court actions by the serious attorneys, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, Rudy Giuliani, and the Amistad Project are so important. The basis for their lawsuits is not just to demonstrate open and shut cases of massive fraud, but to illustrate the Constitutional violations against the principles of due process and equal protections under the Constitution. If any or all of these cases make it to the Supreme Court before Christmas, then under those circumstances a ruling that declares violation of those principles using the arguments presented will provide cover for the GOP’s legislators to submit alternate slates of electors and their results to the joint session of Congress in January.

The cover from such a ruling will give the party of weasels an excuse, provided the state and national party leaderships act in unison for once, to invoke such a course of action even if in defiance of Republican Governors who object. Should the GOP unify with a majority of members finally realizing that what is at stake is not Trump’s second term, but their own survival and that of our Constitution, then perhaps the proper recourse could be taken to remedy the blatant fraud committed by the other side.

Against All Odds

A struggle like the one facing the legal and legislative groups which recognize the danger is a tough one. First the Supreme Court has to be convinced then acknowledge that Article II was violated by Governors, Secretaries of State, and State Judiciaries in such a manner that the due process of average citizens was violate along with the equal protection clause which does not value one fictional vote over that of a law abiding citizen who participated within the legal election structure. This must be balanced over not voiding legitimate votes by other citizens, hence the remedy or cover for the Supreme Court in a potential decision.

First, to my Republican and conservative friends, the Supreme Court can not and will not “void” election results nor “appoint” electors. That is not within their powers nor is that Constitutionally viable as was demonstrated in the 2000 decision of Bush v. Gore. The only issues are whether or not the state judiciaries and executive branches violated the rights of other citizens by acquiring non-existent Constitutional powers or enacting policies in excess of their authorities granted under Article II and the 12th Amendment. This should be a cut and dry decision but in this era of judicial and political corruption it is hard to establish what course of action they will take, much less that of the political parties themselves.

Secondly, even if a decision providing the “cover” for the GOP to engage in a corrective Constitutional course of action should occur, there is no guarantee that the national party nor local legislators will do the right thing. In Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania it seems possible. In Michigan it is a tossup as the Republican legislature seems to enjoy the role of the submissive dog being whipped by Herr Whitmer and the DNC at will.

Lastly, once a secondary ballot of electors is recognized there are numerous obstacles which face the Republican Party in Washington, D.C. IF, and that is a huge IF, the national party indicates that they are willing to go through with such a course of action, Speaker of the House Pelosi could suspend the joint session until January 20, 2021. The implications of such an action are unclear as the 20th Amendment then conflicts with the 12th Amendment and Article II, creating another Constitutional crisis for the Supreme Court to resolve. Odds are, there will be another “compromise” struck with all types of wild outcomes possible including a President Pence with Vice-President Harris (God forbid) or some other insane resolution which only further destabilizes our Republic further.

Everything hinges on the abilities of those legal teams to present viable evidence and cause to the Federal judiciary in the next 17 days. If they fail to achieve their goals, the consequences for our Republic could well be fatal, as intended by the powers behind this grand fraud.

At this point in time, based on the published evidence available, for President Donald J. Trump to get revenge for the corrupt bargain of 1824 and succeed, I give it less than a 15% chance I am sad to say.

I pray that I am wrong.

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