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Putin: Here We….Go!

Is this the prelude to a massive change on the world stage?

The lunar phase is favorable for opening up a massive night operation…

And reports are that all of the reinforcements, new armor, and weapons are in position. Including some of the new “toys” the Russians wish to test in combat:

IF those bad boys get a test drive in action, do not expect them to venture too far from the Russian border initially as they are evaluated under fire.

Stay tuned ladies and gents, and yes, I will be up early in the morning to cover this speech around 0300-0400 Eastern Time. It could be the announcement that the SMO is being converted over to an Anti-Terrorism Operation(ATO) or just a big nothingburger. Regardless, for the Russia to be advertising this all over their media and on all media outlets via television or radio, means something serious may be happening in several hours.

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