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Remember WHY the Media is Lying about Georgia Tonight

Gang, this is not just a slam about Faux News, the once formerly somewhat respectable network that used to be Fox News. What I have to say about tonight’s Georgia US Senate runoff applies to every media outlet but those with major cable news outlets more so than others.

This has been a bad year for the media. Trust is about at 0.00% for almost all media outlets for individuals who actually access a broad selection of news sources and think for themselves. Overall, it’s about 41% for the average American per the latest Gallup survey.

The reason conservative media is calling this (again) “the most important runoff in US history” and how it is critical to an outgoing President whose influence is waning over the political circus in D.C. is obvious. The reason the fake news media is calling this crucial is that they feel it is not ‘fair’ for Biden to be hamstrung by politicians who oppose his humanitarian, feeling, caring agenda.

Both sides are full of crap.

Revenues are in the crapper after this election cycle and will only decline further and faster. Cable news viewership may fluctuate but their influence is waning hourly with the garbage they try to pass off as “news.” Leftist online media news sites are falling and flailing like a possum hit by a semi in the middle of the interstate. The conservative radio empire is about to lose it’s founder and icon (God Bless ya Rush) and with his show ending at any time, it too will be under a major frontal assault by the extremists coming into power. The fake news media as a whole has become nothing but a bunch of ugly whores trying to get that last dollar out of their drunken Johns before the party ends as he goes bankrupt.

The “mainstream media” needs the drama, the mystery, the manufacture hysteria, to keep your attention, to get the clicks, and to save their sorry overpaid jobs.

Tune them out.

Turn them off.

Quit buying their newspapers.

And think for yourself for once.

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